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The Discipleship Training School (YWAM DTS) is a prerequisite for all other courses and is therefore the gateway into the seven Colleges/Faculties and various Centres of the University of the Nations. The DTS also serves to orient and prepare all new Youth With A Mission (YWAM) and UofN staff.

The purpose of the DTS is:

  • To gather and challenge people to worship, listen to and obey God, releasing them (in the context of the DTS) to serve through evangelism, intercession, acts of compassion, and other expressions of God’s heart for the world, possibly even pioneering new ministries;
  • To inspire and cultivate growth in one’s relationship with God, resulting in Christ-like character which is based on a solid biblical foundation, the work of the Holy Spirit, and the personal application of biblical truth, especially concerning God’s character, the Cross and empowering grace;
  • To encourage growth in relationship skills through living, learning and working together with people who differ in personality, perspectives and cultural backgrounds;
  • To further equip every person to serve God’s purposes both within the YWAM context and in other spheres of relationship, strengthening a commitment to reach the lost, especially the unreached, to care for the poor and to be an influence in all areas of society;
  • To impart the vision and foundational values of Youth With A Mission International, as well as that of the host operating location, and to provide information regarding a variety of opportunities for service upon successful completion of the Discipleship Training School.

The DTS aims to graduate students:

  • Who are growing in understanding of the breadth and depth of God’s character and ways, and in particular of His great love for every person and culture;
  • Who are becoming more like Jesus in the way they relate to God and people;
  • Who increasingly cooperate with the empowering presence of the indwelling Holy Spirit;
  • Who listen to and obey God as the result of God’s enabling grace;
  • Who search the Scriptures in such a way that transforms beliefs values and behaviors;
  • Who are growing in lifestyles of worship, intercession and spiritual warfare;
  • Who learn to live and work well with others, especially those different from themselves;
  • Who can share the Gospel with the lost and have a life-long commitment to do so;
  • Who have a commitment to continue to be involved in some way with God’s work among the nations. including unreached people, the poor and needy and in spheres of society;
  • Who understand the calling and values of YWAM and are aware of a variety of opportunities for service with various YWAM ministries;
  • Who have a growing heart knowledge of God’s purposes for their life and a sense of their life direction;
  • Who desire to continue a lifestyle of serving God and His Kingdom purposes either by pursuing further training, joining a YWAM ministry team, or serving through local churches and ministries, as the Lord leads them.

The Centre Network for Discipleship Training Schools has been established to maintain and enhance excellence in DTS programmes worldwide in accordance with the DTS purpose, curriculum and guidelines set by the international leadership of Youth With A Mission and the University of the Nations. The Centre staff seek to serve DTS leadership by providing encouragement, support, and expertise in programme, leadership and resource development.The Centre facilitates the networking of personnel and resources among all DTS and Field Assignment/Outreach locations and the seven Colleges/Centres of the University. It also aids in stimulating the multiplication of new DTS’s in strategic locations of the world.

The goals of the DTS Centre Network are:

A. Partnering within YWAM International: to develop a relational network of DTS leaders/staff within each region that is also connected to the global DTS world and with all streams of the YWAM family of ministries.

B. Programme Development: to aid in the design of DTS programmes in accordance with the DTS purpose, curriculum and guidelines set by the international leadership of YWAM/UofN.

C. Leadership Development: to facilitate DTS leadership and staff development in response to requests and identified needs.

D. Educational Resource Development: to create resources that aid in the training of DTS staff or in implementing an aspect of the curriculum in the DTS and to facilitate the distribution of new and existing resources to the DTS world.

E. Programme monitoring: to receive, track and review course registration documentation for each DTS programme.

F. Strategic multiplication: to promote the pioneering of new DTS and Field Assignments/Outreaches in the ten major language groups and the least evangelized nations of the world.

Array ( [coursetype__c] => FLW Seminar [courseprerequisites__c] => [calculatedcoursenumber__c] => CNH/DSP 115 [phase__c] => Lecture [name] => CT-4117759 [corecoursetype__c] => [relatedlectureoutreach__c] => [coursecollegefaculty__c] => Centre for Discipleship Training Schools; College of Counseling and Healthcare [coursetemplateid__c] => a0c1600000FFWClAAP [coursedescription__c] => This seminar helps participants understand more fully their life calling, and equips them to help others do the same. Six life-coaching keys are explored: dreams, experiences, soulprint (personality), identity, gifts, and network. The seminar focuses on applying biblical truth to everyday life by using a combination of lectures, interactive exercises, Powerpoint presentations and a workbook, leading students on a journey of discovery concerning their identity and the purpose for which God created them.
  [id] => 3493946 [coursename__c] => Destiny by Design [sfid] => a1S1i000007775YEAQ [active__c] => t [coursecredits__c] => 3 [coursecreditmin__c] => 1 [coursecreditmax__c] => 6 [credittype__c] => FLW [collegesandcentres__c] => a0JG000000YlSMGMA3,a0JG000000YlSOMMA3 [translations__c] => [] ) Array ( [coursetype__c] => FLW Seminar [courseprerequisites__c] => [calculatedcoursenumber__c] => DSP 111 [phase__c] => Lecture [name] => CT-4117761 [corecoursetype__c] => [relatedlectureoutreach__c] => a0c1600000FFWCYAA5 [coursecollegefaculty__c] => Centre for Discipleship Training Schools [coursetemplateid__c] => a0c1600000FFWCkAAP [coursedescription__c] => This introductory seminar is designed for the Body of Christ in general. It will lead students into a deeper, more intimate walk with God, with teaching of foundational topics of Christian discipleship such as knowing God, hearing God's voice, the importance of the Word, meditation, intercession, fear of the Lord, forgiveness, relinquishing rights, sanctification, evangelism and missions, spiritual warfare, faith and finances, and relationships.

  [id] => 3493944 [coursename__c] => Discipleship Seminar [sfid] => a1S1i000007775aEAA [active__c] => t [coursecredits__c] => 6 [coursecreditmin__c] => 1 [coursecreditmax__c] => 6 [credittype__c] => FLW [collegesandcentres__c] => a0JG000000YlSMGMA3 [translations__c] => [{"fr": {"name": "S\u00E9minaire sur la formation de disciples", "description": "

Ce se\u0301minaire est conc\u0327u de manie\u0300re a\u0300 encourager les e\u0301tudiants a\u0300 approfondir et personnaliser leur relation avec Dieu ; il recouvre aussi les sujets de base de la formation chre\u0301tienne de disciples, notamment connai\u0302tre Dieu, entendre la voix de Dieu, l\u2019importance de la Parole de Dieu, la me\u0301ditation, l\u2019intercession, la crainte de l\u2019E\u0301ternel, le pardon, renoncer a\u0300 ses droits, la sanctification, l\u2019e\u0301vange\u0301lisation et la mission, le combat spirituel, la foi et les finances, et les relations.

Cre\u0301dits : 1-6\u00A0

"}},] ) Array ( [coursetype__c] => FLW Course [courseprerequisites__c] => [calculatedcoursenumber__c] => DSP 211 [phase__c] => Lecture [name] => CT-4117762 [corecoursetype__c] => [relatedlectureoutreach__c] => a0c1600000FFWCtAAP [coursecollegefaculty__c] => Centre for Discipleship Training Schools [coursetemplateid__c] => a0c1600000FFWCsAAP [coursedescription__c] =>

This school is an intensive Christian discipleship course beginning with an 11 or 12-week lecture/teaching phase followed by an 8-12 week practical field assignment. It is a prerequisite for all other courses in the University of the Nations, and also serves to orient and prepare all new Youth With A Mission (YWAM) staff. The DTS is designed to encourage students in personal character development, cultivating their relationship with God and identifying their unique gifts and callings. Cross-cultural exposure and global awareness are special emphases throughout the course, preparing the students to evangelize and disciple current and future generations, answering the call to “Go into all the world and teach (make disciples of) all nations.” (Matthew 28:19). The curriculum is in the following six major categories: God’s nature and character; God’s intention for individuals, peoples and nations; seeing all of life from God’s perspective; redemption, sin, and the Cross; God’s family - the Church; God’s world - His call and commission; the ministries of YWAM. Focused DTS’s: In some locations the DTS is offered with a particular focus, such as the Crossroads DTS (YWAM CDTS), Operation Year DTS, University DTS, Sports DTS, Arts DTS, etc. Credit will be given for this course with satisfactory completion of DSP 212.

[id] => 3493943 [coursename__c] => Discipleship Training School [sfid] => a1S1i000007775bEAA [active__c] => t [coursecredits__c] => 12 [coursecreditmin__c] => 11 [coursecreditmax__c] => 12 [credittype__c] => FLW [collegesandcentres__c] => a0JG000000YlSMGMA3 [translations__c] => [{"pt": {"name": "Escola de Treinamento e Discipulado (ETED)", "description": "

Esta escola \u00E9 um curso crist\u00E3o intensivo de discipulado, que se inicia com uma fase te\u00F3rica de 11 a 12 semanas, seguida por uma fase pr\u00E1tica de 8-12 semanas de trabalho de campo. A escola \u00E9 um pr\u00E9-requisito para todos os outros cursos da Universidade das Na\u00E7\u00F5es, e tamb\u00E9m serve para orientar e preparar todos os novos obreiros de Jovens Com Uma Miss\u00E3o (JOCUM).

A ETED foi desenvolvida para encorajar os alunos no desenvolvimento pessoal de car\u00E1ter, cultivando seu relacionamento com Deus e cultivando seu relacionamento com Deus e identificando seus dons e chamado exclusivos. H\u00E1 uma \u00EAnfase especial em experi\u00EAncias transculturais e conscientiza\u00E7\u00E3o global, preparando os alunos para evangelizar e discipular as gera\u00E7\u00F5es atuais e futuras, respondendo ao chamado: \u201CIde, fazei disc\u00EDpulos de todas as na\u00E7\u00F5es\u201D (Mateus 28:19a)

O curr\u00EDculo do curso \u00E9 composto destas seis categorias: A natureza e o car\u00E1ter de Deus; A inten\u00E7\u00E3o de Deus para\u00A0indiv\u00EDduos, povos e na\u00E7\u00F5es; contemplando toda a vida da perspectiva de Deus; reden\u00E7\u00E3o, pecado e a Cruz; A fam\u00EDlia de Deus \u2013 a Igreja; o mundo de Deus \u2013 Seu chamado e comiss\u00E3o; os minist\u00E9rios de JOCUM.

ETED com enfoques especiais: Em algumas localidades, a ETED tem um enfoque espec\u00EDfico como a ETED Cross- roads, ETED Universidade, ETED de Esportes, ETED de Artes, etc.

Ser\u00E3o concedidos cr\u00E9ditos para este curso ap\u00F3s a conclus\u00E3o satisfat\u00F3ria do DSP 212


"}},{"es": {"name": "Escuela de Entrenamiento y Discipulado", "description": ""}},{"fr": {"name": "\u00C9cole de formation de disciples (EFD)", "description": "

Cette \u00E9cole est une formation de disciples chr\u00E9tienne intense, qui d\u00E9bute avec 11/12 semaines d\u2019enseignement/cours suivies de 8/12 semaines de phase pratique. Suivre cette formation est une condition pr\u00E9alable \u00E0 toute autre formation au sein de l\u2019UdN, et sert aussi \u00E0 orienter et pr\u00E9parer tout le personnel de JEM. Cette formation est con\u00E7ue de mani\u00E8re \u00E0 encourager les \u00E9tudiants \u00E0 d\u00E9velopper un caract\u00E8re int\u00E8gre, \u00E0 cultiver leur relation avec Dieu et \u00E0 identifier quels sont leurs uniques talents et appel. Tout au long de la formation, un accent particulier est port\u00E9 sur une exp\u00E9rience\u00A0transculturelle et une sensibilisation mondiale, pr\u00E9parant les \u00E9tudiants \u00E0 \u00E9vang\u00E9liser non seulement la g\u00E9n\u00E9ration actuelle mais aussi les g\u00E9n\u00E9rations futures, r\u00E9pondant \u00E0 l\u2019appel \u00AB Allez par tout le monde et enseignez/faites des disciples de toutes les nations \u00BB (Matt.28-19). Le cursus de cette formation touche aux 6 cat\u00E9gories suivantes : la nature et le caract\u00E8re de Dieu ; les desseins de Dieu pour la personne, les peuples et les nations ; voir la vie enti\u00E8re au travers de la perspective de Dieu ; la r\u00E9demption, le p\u00E9ch\u00E9 et la Croix ; la famille de Dieu : l\u2019\u00C9glise, le monde de Dieu, son appel et sa mission, et les minist\u00E8res de JEM.

Programme d\u2019EFD a\u0300 the\u0300me:

dans certains lieux, les EFD sont offertes avec un the\u0300me particulier, EFD carrefour, EFD Operation Year, EFD universitaire, EFD sportive, EFD artistique, etc. Des cre\u0301dits sont octroye\u0301s une fois la DSP 212 termine\u0301e avec succe\u0300s.\u00A0

"}},] ) Array ( [coursetype__c] => FLW Course [courseprerequisites__c] => DSP 211 [calculatedcoursenumber__c] => DSP 212 [phase__c] => Outreach / FA [name] => CT-4117763 [corecoursetype__c] => [relatedlectureoutreach__c] => a0c1600000FFWCsAAP [coursecollegefaculty__c] => Centre for Discipleship Training Schools [coursetemplateid__c] => a0c1600000FFWCtAAP [coursedescription__c] =>

In this second phase of the Discipleship Training School (YWAM-DTS), specially organized teams are sent out for 8-12 weeks of evangelism in cross-cultural situations. The emphasis is on the application of principles taught in the DTS lecture phase coupled with teaching on evangelism concepts and practices, equipping students to share their faith in a variety of ways and contexts.

[id] => 3493942 [coursename__c] => Discipleship Training School Field Assignment [sfid] => a1S1i000007775cEAA [active__c] => t [coursecredits__c] => 12 [coursecreditmin__c] => 8 [coursecreditmax__c] => 12 [credittype__c] => FLW [collegesandcentres__c] => a0JG000000YlSMGMA3 [translations__c] => [{"es": {"name": "Escuela de Entrenamiento y Discipulado Cruzada", "description": ""}},{"pt": {"name": "Escola de Treinamento e Discipulado Pr\u00E1tico", "description": "

Nesta segunda fase da ETED, equipes organizadas de forma especial s\u00E3o enviadas para 8-12 semanas de evangelismo em situa\u00E7\u00F5es transculturais. A \u00EAnfase maior \u00E9 na aplica\u00E7\u00E3o dos princ\u00EDpios aprendidos durante o per\u00EDodo te\u00F3rico, juntamente com aulas sobre conceitos de evangelismo e pr\u00E1ticas, equipando os alunos a compartilhar sua f\u00E9 atrav\u00E9s de uma variedade de formas e contextos.

"}},] ) Array ( [coursetype__c] => FLW Seminar [courseprerequisites__c] => DSP 211 & 212 and preferably DSP 121 also known as "DTS Foundational Workshop" [calculatedcoursenumber__c] => DSP 141 [phase__c] => Lecture [name] => CT-4117772 [corecoursetype__c] => [relatedlectureoutreach__c] => a0c1600000FFWCqAAP [coursecollegefaculty__c] => Centre for Discipleship Training Schools [coursetemplateid__c] => a0c1600000FFWCpAAP [coursedescription__c] => This in-depth, collaborative training programme is designed to equip YWAM/U of N staff to create and lead YWAM Discipleship Training Schools, including both teaching and outreach phases, in alignment with the apostolic vision, foundational values, purpose, outcomes, curriculum, and guidelines of the DTS. It includes outcomes for both DTS leadership and personal growth. This progrmamme is led by members of the International DTS Centre (IDTSC) or a leader approved by a member of the IDTSC. It also exists around the world under different names such as "MDM" and "DTS Equip." [id] => 3493932 [coursename__c] => DTS Leadership Development [sfid] => a1S1i000007775lEAA [active__c] => t [coursecredits__c] => 6 [coursecreditmin__c] => 1 [coursecreditmax__c] => 6 [credittype__c] => FLW [collegesandcentres__c] => a0JG000000YlSMGMA3 [translations__c] => [{"fr": {"name": "D\u00E9veloppement du leadership des EFD", "description": "

DSP 141

De\u0301veloppement du leadership des EFD

Ce programme est conc\u0327u de manie\u0300re a\u0300 permettre au personnel de JEM/UdN de cre\u0301er et diriger des EFD de JEM, incluant les phases the\u0301oriques et pratiques, en accord avec la vision apostolique, les valeurs fondamentales, les objectifs, les re\u0301sultats, le cursus et les lignes directrices des EFD. Cette formation vise a\u0300 obtenir des re\u0301sultats autant au niveau de la croissance du leadership des EFD que de la croissance personnelle.

Conditions pre\u0301alables : DSP 211 & 212, et pre\u0301fe\u0301rablement un atelier de base pour EFD

Cre\u0301dits : 1-6\u00A0

"}},] ) Array ( [coursetype__c] => FLW Seminar [courseprerequisites__c] => DSP 211 & 212 [calculatedcoursenumber__c] => DSP 121 [phase__c] => Lecture [name] => CT-4117773 [corecoursetype__c] => [relatedlectureoutreach__c] => a0c1600000FFWCoAAP [coursecollegefaculty__c] => Centre for Discipleship Training Schools [coursetemplateid__c] => a0c1600000FFWCnAAP [coursedescription__c] => A foundational collaborative training program offered by various members of the International DTS Centre, for DTS staff and Leaders from many different locations. It covers the DTS purpose, curriculum and guidelines, YWAM’s Foundational Values, some basic skills for working with people, leadership skills, DTS administration (including U of N Course and student registration processes), and a special focus on facilitating the ministry of the Holy Spirit in the classroom. This course is most commonly referred to as "DTS Foundational Workshop."

  [id] => 3493930 [coursename__c] => DTS Staff Training Seminar [sfid] => a1S1i000007775mEAA [active__c] => t [coursecredits__c] => 3 [coursecreditmin__c] => 1 [coursecreditmax__c] => 6 [credittype__c] => FLW [collegesandcentres__c] => a0JG000000YlSMGMA3 [translations__c] => [{"fr": {"name": "S\u00E9minaire du formation de staff EFD", "description": "

Un programme collaboratif de formation de base pre\u0301sente\u0301 par divers membres du Centre international EFD, pour le personnel et les responsables d\u2019EFD venant de pays diffe\u0301rents. Il aborde les objectifs vise\u0301s par les EFD, son cursus et ses lignes directrices, les valeurs fondamentales de JEM, les connaissances de base pour travailler avec autrui, des connaissances en leadership, le c\u00F4t\u00E9 administratif d\u2019une EFD, (incluant les proce\u0301de\u0301s d\u2019enregistrement des EFD et des formations de l\u2019UdN), et porte un accent particulier sur comment encourager la liberte\u0301 dans le Saint Esprit dans la salle de classe. Cette formation est aussi souvent connue sous le nom \u00AB Atelier de base pour EFD \u00BB.

Cre\u0301dits : 1-3\u00A0

"}},] )
Course Credits Type Number
Destiny by Design 3 FLW Seminar CNH/DSP 115
Discipleship Seminar 6 FLW Seminar DSP 111
Discipleship Training School 12 FLW Course DSP 211
Discipleship Training School Field Assignment 12 FLW Course DSP 212
DTS Leadership Development 6 FLW Seminar DSP 141
DTS Staff Training Seminar 3 FLW Seminar DSP 121

The UofN uses two types of credits, FLW (full learning weeks) and LCU (learning component units).

FLW credits are used with traditional residential courses and one of these credits requires a minimum of 50 hours of documented learning activities; these include our normal lectures, small groups, one-on-ones, etc.; and some of these activities are nonformal, in addition to the classroom activities and study assignments.

LCU credits are used for part-time programs like evening courses, intensive seminars, distance learning and other non-residential courses. Each LCU credit requires 25 hours of focused learning activities which can be spread over a period of time.

Centre Director

Carlinha de Paulo

Contact Details

DTS Centre International Coordinating Office
University of the Nations
PO Box 1031
Sun Valley 7985
South Africa

Website Email

International Committee

  • Rebecca Gibbons (Khon Kaen, Thailand)
  • Gilberto de Mello (Contagem, Brazil)
  • Jussara de Mello (Contagem, Brazil)
  • Amos Hathway (Salem, OR, USA)
  • Vickie Hedgepeth (Charlotte, NC, USA)
  • Kima Hmar (Siliguri, India)
  • Patti Lee (Cape Town, South Africa)
  • Maureen Menard (Cape Town, South Africa)
  • Lisa Whitaker (Absecom, NJ, USA)
  • Ben Nonoa (Kona, Hawaii)
  • Virmel Largo (Capetown, South Africa)