Dear Prospective Student,

Welcome to the University of the Nations. One of the unique aspects of the UofN is the modular learning approach for courses and degrees. This not only enhances the learning outcomes and includes instruction for a variety of learning styles, but also gives the student maximum flexibility to shape the learning track individually. We see great fruitfulness, motivation, and joy as students work with this flexibility, being able to study and learn in their fields of passion, while also gaining experience in another cultural context and getting involved with projects all over the world.

The focus on the holistic development of the whole person is another unique feature of the University of the Nations. Each location where UofN courses are offered is a community where students, staff, faculty, teachers and families build an ideal learning environment in a very relational context. In this context students discover passion and destiny as they grow in their walk with God, develop lasting friendships, learn how God is involved in their fields of study, and what it means to make God known in a loving way. The spiritually rich and relationally strong communities offer opportunity for revelation, understanding, and wisdom.

Personally, I deeply appreciate the academic quality of each one of our courses, the highly motivated staff, well-experienced teachers, and the worldwide availability of this training in more than 550 locations and in nearly 100 languages. This is truly the University of the Nations!

Thank you for your interest. It would be a great privilege for us to welcome you and serve you in receiving your education as you engage with us!

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Markus Steffen
International President
University of the Nations