As the world rapidly advances in innovation and discovery, the College of Science and Technology continuously explores the interaction of science and faith. Believing God is revealed through his created order, students are encouraged to integrate biblical truth into the practices and principles of technology, scholarship, and development. Progress in water technology, energy usage, and food production impact communities around the globe which contributes to an improved quality of life for everyone. The College of Science and Technology trains students to pair vocational skills with the hope of the gospel, bringing tools for health and safety to families worldwide.

Course Credits Type Number
Aquaculture Seminar 1 FLW Seminar SCI 171
Aquaponics Seminar 1 FLW Seminar SCI 172
Basic Construction Technology School 12 FLW Course SCI 253
Basic Construction Technology School Field Assignment 12 FLW Course SCI 254
Basic Construction Technology Seminar 2 FLW Seminar SCI 153
Basic Construction Technology Seminar Field Assignment 2 FLW Seminar SCI 154
Biogas Technology & Construction 3 FLW Seminar SCI 156
Canoe Construction Seminar FLW Seminar SCI 159
Community Technology Field Assignment 6 FLW Seminar SCI 158
Community Water Technology Seminar 1 FLW Seminar SCI 152
Concepts in Nutrition FLW Course SCI 277
Environment And Resource Stewardship Field Assignment 12 FLW Course SCI 232
Environment And Resource Stewardship School 12 FLW Course SCI 231
Experience in Missions Leadership 12 FLW Course SCI 396
Herd Improvement and Management Seminar FLW Seminar SCI 175
Humanities & Science: A Christian Perspective 12 FLW Core Course HMT/SCI 211
Introduction to Community Technology 2 FLW Seminar SCI 151
Marine Astro Navigation 4 FLW Seminar SCI 129
Marine Crew Supplementary 1 FLW Seminar SCI 127
Marine Engineering Foundations 6 FLW Seminar SCI 123
Marine Navigation Foundations 8 FLW Course SCI 224
Marine Navigation Practical Preparation 2 FLW Seminar SCI 124
Marine Safety and Seamanship 4 FLW Seminar SCI 122
Maritime Studies Practicum 12 FLW Course SCI 222
Missions Strategies 8 FLW Course SCI 199
Ocean Stewardship and Research FLW Seminar SCI 135
Project Development Seminar FLW Seminar SCI 182
Renewable Energy Technologies Seminar FLW Seminar SCI 133
Resource Stewardship Seminar FLW Seminar SCI 131
School of Biblical Christian Worldview 12 FLW Core Course HMT/SCI 213
School of Biblical Christian Worldview Field Assignment 12 FLW Core Course HMT/SCI 214
School of Business & Entrepreneurship 12 FLW Course SCI 285
School of Navigation & Seamanship 12 FLW Course SCI 221
School of Transformational Business FLW Course ECD 211
Solar Energy for Rural Electrification 5 FLW Seminar SCI 163
STCW Basic Training FLW Seminar SCI 121
Sustainable Agriculture School 12 FLW Course SCI 273
Sustainable Agriculture School Practicum 12 FLW Course SCI 274
Sustainable Agriculture Seminar 3 FLW Seminar SCI 173
Transformation School 12 FLW Core Course HMT/SCI 215
Transformation School Field Assignment 12 FLW Course HMT/SCI 216

The UofN uses two types of credits, FLW (full learning weeks) and LCU (learning component units).

FLW credits are used with traditional residential courses and one of these credits requires a minimum of 50 hours of documented learning activities; these include our normal lectures, small groups, one-on-ones, etc.; and some of these activities are nonformal, in addition to the classroom activities and study assignments.

LCU credits are used for part-time programs like evening courses, intensive seminars, distance learning and other non-residential courses. Each LCU credit requires 25 hours of focused learning activities which can be spread over a period of time.

College Chair

Derek Chignell

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International Committee

  • Usufono Fepuleai (Apia, Samoa)
  • Derek Kirbow (Kailua-Kona, HI, USA)
  • Decent Levson (Ntcheu, Malawi)
  • Ricardo Otake (Kailua-Kona, HI, USA)
  • Chandan Pun ()
  • Terry Keith ()

Academic Advisor

Derek Chignell - Email