The UofN Board of Regents consists of the international and regional coordinators of YWAM global ministries and networks. This Board has the responsibility to ensure that the University adheres to it’s founding principles and maintains the Christian values which characterize YWAM.

Chairperson: Silo Schmidt
Email: [email protected]

UofN Board of Regents Members

Chairperson: Silo Schmidt, Bangladesh

Tom Bloomer, Switzerland
David Cole, Singapore
Darlene Cunningham, USA
John Dawson, USA
Edwin Fillies,  South Africa
David Hamilton,  USA
Sean Lambert, Mexico
Lee Changhoon, South Korea
Will McGirr,  Australia
Maureen Menard, South Africa
Ken Mulligan, Australia
Joseph Ouédraogo, West Africa
Alessandro Pereira, Central Asia
Tove Poulsen, Sweden
Alejandro Rodriguez, Argentina
Markus Steffen, Switzerland
Jim Stier,  Brazil
Josue Tanaami, South Asia
Maida Wissa,  Middle East

University of the Nations Advisory Board

The UofN Advisory Board members provide the University with valuable information and counsel. Their experience and influential roles in society as well as their deep interest in the UofN vision and founding principles combine to give the UofN up-to-the-minute insight into the influences which are shaping the world. The members are from many nations and serve society through major roles in business, government, technology, law, banking. They serve the UofN generously by sharing wisdom gained through decades of experience.

Advisory Board Members

Joseph Affholter, USA
Dr. David Aikman, USA
Scott & Rebekah AllendeVaux, USA
Mark Anderson, USA
Takim Andriono, Indonesia
David & Lise Ash, Canada
Dr. John Badoux, Switzerland
Jonathan Batt, USA
Gill Berger, USA
Dr. Thomas Bloomer, Switzerland
Daniel & Sandy Choi, Canada
Dr. Kun Mo Chung, South Korea
Chris Crane, USA
Darlene Cunningham, USA
David Cunningham, USA
Loren Cunningham, USA
Doug & Jill Fears, USA
Mike Frank, USA
Mike Gallagher, USA
Michael Green, UK
David Hamilton, USA
Barry Hon, USA
Nabil Iskander, Egypt
Warren Israelson, USA
Hal & Carolyn Kepner, USA
David Kwon, USA
Ambassador SeeYoung Lee, South Korea
David Lindsey, USA
Bruce Logan, USA
Jim & Marlys Manthei, USA
Chrissy Elmore Miles, USA
Robert Norsworthy, USA
Bob Perry, USA
Wes Reinheller, Canada
Jim & Janice Rogers, USA
Eric Russell, USA
James Snook, USA
Markus Steffen, Switzerland
Wee Sung Tang, Singapore
Jorma K. Virtanen, Finland
Dan & Mimi Wiebe, Canada
Chong Ho Won, USA
Linda Wong, USA