Dear Prospective Student,

You have opened the door to one of the greatest adventures on the planet. You can step in and be a part of fulfilling God’s dream of making disciples of every nation (Matthew 28:19-20). And you can do this while studying and getting prepared for your destiny. You can join a truly global university, one that is centered on Jesus Christ, and is dedicated to multiplying missionaries.

We have had students from 210 countries join us in this unique “live-learn” environment, seeking to know God and to make him known. Our training is modular, which means that you are immersed intensively in one subject at a time. It’s practical, with a maximum amount of hands-on experience. Our visiting teachers are experts in their field and dedicated to Jesus. These teachers and our staff depend upon God for revelation to add to their years of study and expertise. They model that dependence upon God for their students.

Because of this stimulating environment, our students have developed all kinds of innovations, led by the Holy Spirit. This emphasis on “creating with God” means there’s nothing like a University of the Nations education.

Each year our students are being trained in more than 300 courses in over 600 locations, in over 160 nations. We teach in 97 languages. Their field assignments take them to even more countries. Because of our international student body, and the diverse backgrounds and nationalities of teachers and staff, everyone gains a worldwide perspective and cross-cultural experience by the time they graduate. They will also have studied in several countries during the course of their education.

Because the Church is on the cusp of the greatest explosion of growth in history, we feel certain that we will see a vast multiplication of missionary graduates going to more locations and using a wider variety of means to reach into the most difficult places. We will also see more of our graduates going into every area of society, to bring the lordship of Christ into homes, businesses, government, education, arts, entertainment and sports, the media and local churches. Our graduates will be part of this exponential growth of the Kingdom of God.

It’s already underway. It’s happening. And you can be part of it as you study with us in the University of the Nations. Together we will see the earth “filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.” (Habakkuk 2:14)

So, welcome to this daring endeavor. Your life will never be the same.

Loren Cunningham
International Chancellor and Co-Founder of University of the Nations

& Darlene Cunningham Co-Chancellor of University of the Nations