University of the Nations Core International Leadership Team

Loren Cunningham International Chancellor
Darlene Cunningham International Vice Chancellor
Markus Steffen International President
Thomas Bloomer Provost Emeritus
David Hamilton International Vice President for Strategic Innovation
Maureen Menard Acting Provost, International Vice President for Leadership & Staff Development
Faby Ruesga International Dean, Arts
Danny Lehmann International Dean, Christian Ministries
Aleck Cartwright International Dean, Communication
Thomas Grunder International Committee Chair, Counseling & Health Care
Mark Brokenshire International Dean, Education
Rebecca Koenig International College Chair, Humanities & International Studies
Derek Chignell International Committee Chair, Science & Technology
Christine Colby International Director, Community Development and Justice Centre
Carlinha de Paulo International Director, Centre for Discipleship Training Schools
Phil Leage International Director, Centre for Extension Studies
Christiaan Baas Representative, Family Resource Centre
Adriano Estevam International Director, GENESIS Centre
John Hwang International Director, Student Mobilization Centre
Vince Licari Representative, President’s Team
Camille Bishop Representative, Provost Team
Patti Lee Representative, Provost Team
Shirley Brownhill Representative, President’s Gathering
Edwin Fillies Representative, President’s Gathering
Sean Lambert Representative, President’s Gathering
Linda Warren Representative, President’s Gathering
Andy Holten Acting Chair, Sports
Marcia Suzuki Centre Director, Applied Linguistics and Languages