Admission will be granted to students who have begun their work at other colleges or universities, providing the student satisfies the regular requirements for admission to the UofN. In order to apply for transfer credit, the applicant should request a transcript of coursework from the previous school to be forwarded to their UofN College Academic Advisor for evaluation. The College Academic Advisor will evaluate the transcript and forward a recommendation to the Provost’s Office. Transfer credit must be from a legitimate tertiary institution and must not exceed 72 undergraduate credits for a BA/BS candidate. Work for which credit is sought must have been completed satisfactorily, meet the requirements for the UofN degree programme in which the student is applying, and be approved by the College in which the degree is offered.

Transfer credits are accepted for all degrees, up to the maximum listed under each degree program. A thesis is required when a student transfers more than 12 credits towards a UofN Bachelor’s degree. There is no time limit regarding the age of the coursework requested to be transferred in to UofN; however, transfer credit will be posted on a transcript only after the completion of all other degree requirements.