commsThe College of Communication prepares men and women with the skills to be leaders in the field of communication media. With emphasis on quality, clarity, and integrity, students are challenged to communicate God’s principles and good news across cultures and communities. The College of Communication continually encourages students to raise the standard of truth in both their personal and professional lives. Graduates pursue work in design, filmmaking, illustration, writing etc. to use their gifts to serve in an international missions environment in reaching the unreached, all the spheres of society and in active service to others.


Course Credits Type Number

The UofN uses two types of credits, FLW (full learning weeks) and LCU (learning component units).

FLW credits are used with traditional residential courses and one of these credits requires a minimum of 50 hours of documented learning activities; these include our normal lectures, small groups, one-on-ones, etc.; and some of these activities are nonformal, in addition to the classroom activities and study assignments.

LCU credits are used for part-time programs like evening courses, intensive seminars, distance learning and other non-residential courses. Each LCU credit requires 25 hours of focused learning activities which can be spread over a period of time.

College Dean

Aleck Cartwright

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32 Drumlin Grange
Co. Down
BT31 9UT
Northern Ireland
United Kingdom

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International Committee

  • Anne Abok (Capetown, South Africa)
  • Jay Bringas (Davao, Philippines)
  • Adrian Coates (Capetown, South Africa)
  • Calvin Conkey (Chiang Mai, Thailand)
  • Carol Conkey (Chiang Mai, Thailand)
  • Paulo Fillion (Medellin, Colombia)
  • Jeff Rogers (Kailua-Kona, HI, USA)
  • Donna-Rae Cartwright (Belfast, Northern Ireland)
  • Jonathan de Jong (Harpenden, England)

Academic Advisor

Donna-Rae Cartwright - Email