If you would like to get in touch with Academic Advisors for each of our Colleges, please email them below. This is your first step towards starting a degree with the University of the Nations, they are able to help you set up a degree plan and answer questions you might have.

If it is a more general question, you can also contact each college through the Dean and Committee Pages, just pick your College or Centre of interest.

College of Communication

Donna-Rae Cartwright

College of Counseling & Healthcare

For Counseling: Sylvie Bolay

College of Counseling & Healthcare

For Healthcare: Kathryn Kennedy

College of Education

Lisa Orvis

College of Science & Technology

Derek Chignell

College of Humanities

Rebecca Koenig

College of Arts & Sports

For Arts: Samuel Biggs

College of Arts and Sports

For Sports: Merja Ruokonen

College of Christian Ministries

Scott Orvis

Centre for Community Development

Christine Colby