Prerequisites: DSP 211 & 212 plus either one full school with field assignment in a community development related field of study or equivalent community development field experience of 2 years
Credits: 11 - 12

The Community Development School provides training in a biblical approach to community transformation for all spheres of society. Beginning with the holistic development of the individual and his or her relationship with God, the principles and practices of this course are designed to enable change in varied settings, from rural to urban, with a mind towards the current possibilities of the globalized world. This course equips students with skills to help communities initiate and accomplish strategic activities that will bring life and growth towards God's purposes in His kingdom on earth. The curriculum helps the participant cultivate a solid working knowledge of transformation, development values, fundamental skills, godly character and good relationships.


Upcoming Dates and Locations

Course Location Credits Start
DEV/HMT 365 YWAM Muizenberg 12 22 Sep 2023 16 Dec 2023
DEV/HMT 365 YWAM North Cascades 12 27 Sep 2024 20 Dec 2024
DEV/HMT 365 YWAM North Cascades 12 26 Sep 2025 19 Dec 2025

All locations that offer this course

Course Location Credits
DEV/HMT 365 JOCUM Vitoria 12
DEV/HMT 365 YWAM North Cascades 12
DEV/HMT 365 JOCUM Recife 12
DEV/HMT 365 YWAM San Diego/Baja 12
DEV/HMT 365 U of N Bali - Jimbaran 12
DEV/HMT 365 YWAM Likoni Base - Mombasa 12
DEV/HMT 365 JOCUM Sertão (Crato) 12
DEV/HMT 365 YWAM Muizenberg 12
DEV/HMT 365 Amazon Reach 12
DEV/HMT 365 Singapore Nat'l Office 12
DEV/HMT 365 JOCUM Borel, RJ 12
DEV/HMT 365 YWAM Lausanne 12
DEV/HMT 365 JOCUM Belo Horizonte 12