If you would like to get in touch with Academic Advisors for each of our Colleges, please email them below. This is your first step towards starting a degree with the University of the Nations, they are able to help you set up a degree plan and answer questions you might have. If it is a more general question, you can also contact each college through the Dean and Committee Pages, just pick your College or Centre of interest.

Faculté de Communication

Donna-Rae Cartwright

Faculté de Relation d’Aide et de Soins de Santé

For Counseling: Sylvie Bolay

Faculté de Relation d’Aide et de Soins de Santé

For Healthcare: Kathryn Kennedy

Faculté des Sciences de l’Éducation

Mark Brokenshire

Faculté des Sciences Appliquées et de la Technologie

Derek Chignell

Faculté des Sciences et Lettres et des Études Internationales

Ed Sherman

Faculté des Arts et des Sports

Julie Spence

Faculté des Ministères Chrétiens

Scott Orvis

Centre pour la Justice et le Développement Communautaire

Christine Colby