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Discipleship Training School ( DSP 211 )

The YWAM Emerge Discipleship Training School is asking people one question. That one question is “What is in your hands?” What has God placed in your hands that He has entrusted you with to impact the lives of people? We all have ideas, hobbies, skills, passions, and curiosities. Those all can be used to eternally impact a person destination. For Emerge, God has placed a passion into our hands to fight poverty with dignity by working with proven leaders to build food systems, so people and communities can be sustainable. Our DTS will give you a taste of what God has placed in our hands, while also asking you what God has or wants to place in your hands. You will learn how to put together and operate our OASYS food system, while also discovering the rhythms and intimacy of God. Those rhythms and intimate moments with God will guide you to discover what He desires to place into your hands to have a Kingdom impact.

OASYS Introduction ( SCI 171 )

The OASYS Aquaponics Seminar delves into the world of Aquaponics utilizing what is called the Open-Source Aquaponics System or OASYS for short. The topics for this course include, but are not limited to, an introduction to aquaponics, hydroponics, horticulture, aqua-culture, bacteriology, and OASYS operations. OASYS is a 1500 square foot aquaponics system that is used to provide food, jobs, skills, and a business. Students will get a hands on experience working with system, while learning about aquaponics.

Open-Source Aquaponics System (OASYS) Seminar ( SCI 172 )

The Open-Source Aquaponics System Seminar or OASYS for short, is designed to disciple, train, and empower people to build, operate, and run the OASYS food system. OASYS is intended to reduce poverty with dignity, whether it may be through food distribution, creating jobs, teaching skills, and/or developing a business around the system itself. Students will learn about aquaponics and the impact it can have in food deserts, urban centers, areas with limited water supply, or that have been over farmed. Topics for this course include, but not limited to aquaponics, building and operating OASYS, business plan development, office management, food safety, sustainability, future of missions, and paradigm shifts.