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Biblical Studies Seminar ( CHR 114 )

This seminar empowers people with knowledge and skill to study the Bible. Using a relational inductive approach, students will not only receive an overview of the Bible, but will also learn about the person and work of the Holy Spirit, and understanding the Bible as story.

Discipleship Training School (DTS) ( DSP 211 )

Our DTS focuses on personal transformation for effective service. Through a fuller understanding and experience of Gods love, our students find freedom from sin, grace to forgive those who have hurt them, healing and restoration from these wounds, and vision for co-laboring with God in the work of redemption. We seek to give our students an understanding of God's character that gives them confidence in his goodness, and enables them to present God compellingly to this generation. We call them to fully obey God's call on their lives to know, love, and serve him. We have a special emphasis on experiencing God's love in tangible ways. We seek to give our students first-hand experience of revival and the power and Presence of God. We instill vision for reaching the hardest and darkest places.

Worship, Intercession, Spiritual Warfare and Evangelism Seminar ( CHR 163 )

The School of Supernatural Missions (SSM) has 9 weeks of focused training in life in the Spirit and supernatural ministry. It’s a live in intensive training program focused on intimacy with God, the character of a revivalist, physical and inner healing, prophecy, deliverance, the House of Prayer and power evangelism. We plan to have prayer and worship going throughout IGNITE and hosting our Healing Rooms. We’ll also be practicing power evangelism in the community. The classroom, the prayer room, the “Healing Rooms”, and outreach will all be integrated into a “spirit-and-truth” encounter with the love and power of God. We will be looking at supernatural ministry through the lens of the great commandment (love), and the great commission–taking the “Gospel of the Kingdom” to the darkest places on earth.