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Discipleship Training School (DTS) ( DSP 211 )

The DTS is a school divided in two parts: the lecture phase takes place in Agou and lasts 12 weeks. We receive quality teachings that help us to know God and ourselves better. The speakers come from various places. Then there is the outreach phase which lasts 10 weeks. This is when we go out to proclaim the Good News of Jesus and of course put into practice what we have received during the lecture phase.

Family Ministry School (Formation à l'accompagnement de la famille ) ( FAM 223 )

An introduction to the biblical foundations of marriage and family life according to God, focusing on five major themes related to effective ministry to families: the biblical model of the family, God's design for marriage, Parenting according to God, the principles of Christian family counselling and the role of the family in ministry. Students can anticipate growth and development in their personal lives, in their families and in their ability to minister to other families. Une introduction aux fondements bibliques du mariage et de la vie de famille selon Dieu, ciblant cinq thèmes majeurs liés à un ministère efficace auprès des familles : le modèle biblique de la famille, le dessein de Dieu pour le mariage, Être parent selon Dieu, les principes du conseil familial chrétien et le rôle de la famille dans le ministère. Les étudiants peuvent anticiper une croissance et un développement dans leur vie personnelle, dans leur famille et dans leur capacité à exercer un ministère auprès d'autres familles.

Foundations for Counseling Ministry ( WPC 211 )

A course to equip those who feel called to reach out to broken, hurting people. As the entry course into degrees in the College/Faculty of Counseling and Health Care, it establishes the foundation stones for a biblical counseling ministry, especially within YWAM and the missions community. These foundation stones include a commitment to reach the lost; recognition that ministry involves the individual, the family and the community; the Divine Plumbline counseling model; and revelation as a key to change. In addition, each course may address specific counseling models or tools and specific counseling issues that are considered relevant to a particular target field or ministry.

Principles in Child and Youth Ministries ( EDN 221 )

A course designed to provide students with a biblical perspective of human growth and development, preparing them to reach, train and release children, youth and families in their destiny. A major emphasis of the course is on character development, and a practical understanding of a daily Christian lifestyle applied to all areas of life. It equips students to motivate children, teens and families in rejoicing God's heart, loving Him passionnately and obeying Him radically, how to teach other children, teenagers and families, and how to partner with link-minded ministries and local churches.

School of Evangelism ( CHR 231 )

Ce cours englobe à la fois le message et les méthodes d'évangélisation. Son objectif principal est d'aider l'étudiant à mieux comprendre le caractère de Dieu, y compris son amour pour les perdus. Les sujets comprennent: un aperçu des perspectives bibliques et historiques sur les missions, la réflexion des groupes de personnes, la communication interculturelle, les missions de pionniers, les missions et l'Église locale, le message de l'Évangile, les dons du Saint-Esprit, le ministère dans l'Esprit , le renouvellement de l'intelligence, le combat spirituel et évangélisation dans son ensemble, le suivi des nouveaux convertis. Les étudiants ne pourront pas utiliser de crédits pour ce cours dans un programme menant à un diplôme tant que les travaux de cours et de terrain ne seront pas terminés de manière satisfaisante. This course covers both the message and methods of evangelism. Its main objective is to help the student better understand God's character, including his love for the lost. Topics include: an overview of biblical and historical perspectives on missions, people group reflection, cross-cultural communication, pioneer missions, missions and the local church, the gospel message, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, ministry in the Spirit, renewing the mind, spiritual warfare and evangelism as a whole, follow-up of new converts. Students will not be able to use credits for this course in a degree programme until coursework and fieldwork are satisfactorily completed.