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Discipleship Training School (DTS) ( DSP 211 )

L'EFD est une école qui se déroule en 2 phases = la phase théorique se passe à Agou et dure 12 semaines On y reçoit des enseignements de qualités qui nous aident à mieux connaitre Dieu et se connaitre aussi soi-même. Les orateurs viennent de divers endroits. Puis il y a la phase pratique qui dure 10 semaines. Là, nous allons sur le terrain pour annoncer la Bonne nouvelle de Jésus et bien sûr mettre en pratique ce qui a été reçu pendant la théorie.

Family Ministry School ( CNH 223 )

An introduction to the biblical foundations of marriage and family life targeting five major themes related to effective ministry to families: the biblical model of family, God's design for marriage, godly parenting, Christian family counseling principles, and the role of the family in ministry. Students can anticipate growth and development in their personal lives, in their families and in their ability to minister to other families. This course prepares students to disciple other families through the use of family camps, marriage seminars, relationship seminars and parenting seminars. Students are also introduced to premarital counseling tools in the school so they can effectively prepare couples for marriage.

Foundations for Counseling Ministry ( CNH 211 )

A course to equip those who feel called to reach out to broken, hurting people. As the entry course into degrees in the College/Faculty of Counseling and Health Care, it establishes the foundation stones for a biblical counseling ministry, especially within YWAM and the missions community. These foundation stones include a commitment to reach the lost; recognition that ministry involves the individual, the family and the community; the Divine Plumbline counseling model; and revelation as a key to change. In addition, each course may address specific counseling models or tools and specific counseling issues that are considered relevant to a particular target field or ministry.

Principles in Child and Youth Ministries ( EDN 221 )

A course designed to provide students with a biblical perspective of human growth and development, preparing them to reach, train and release children, youth and families in their destiny. A major emphasis of the course is on character development, and a practical understanding of a daily Christian lifestyle applied to all areas of life. It equips students to motivate children, teens and families in rejoicing God's heart, loving Him passionnately and obeying Him radically, how to teach other children, teenagers and families, and how to partner with link-minded ministries and local churches.