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Advanced Leadership Seminar ( CHR 305 )

APLC (Applied Practical Leadership Course) will aim to provide a custom-made curriculum for delegates with multiple topics to: - Address the needs of emerging leaders in the practics of leadership and "how-to's". - Help establish leaders to break away from plateauing to the higher and full potentials in ministry. - Make room for senior elders to impart life experience and wisdom gained through their journey in missions leadership. Delegates will spend 6 weeks of quality time with elders/leaders who are committed to building their capacity, enhancing their competencies; and increasing their confidence through mentoring / coaching relationships - affirming, honoring and empowering them and their ministry to thrive. The curriculum is intentionally designed for practical application through maximum processing and interaction with practitioners throughout the course. The course will remain international and cross-cultural with a special emphasis on the majority world.

DTS Leadership Development ( DSP 141 )

This in-depth, collaborative training programme is designed to equip YWAM/U of N staff to create and lead YWAM Discipleship Training Schools, including both teaching and outreach phases, in alignment with the apostolic vision, foundational values, purpose, outcomes, curriculum, and guidelines of the DTS. It includes outcomes for both DTS leadership and personal growth. This progrmamme is led by members of the International DTS Centre (IDTSC) or a leader approved by a member of the IDTSC. It also exists around the world under different names such as "MDM" and "DTS Equip."

Event Management Seminar ( ATS 145 )

This seminar gives participants an overview of the process of creating a public event from conception to completion, with emphasis on arts productions.

Leadership Development Course (LDC) ( CHR 305 )

Recognizing that leaders are trained through a variety of activities and learning experiences, learning strategies include one-to-one meetings, group sessions, creative intercession, panel discussions, question times, and lectures. Some of the seminars offered in this category are: LTS - These seminars may be offered in conjunction with the Leadership Training School (CHR 345/LTS) or as stand alone seminars apart from an LTS. They are usually 3-6 weeks in length, and deal with many practical leadership and management issues while also training leaders to plan for and carry out the visions from inception to completion.

Missions Strategies - YWAM Together ( CHR 199 )