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Basic Leadership Practicum I ( CHR 145 )

This is an in-service programme designed to assist in developing the leadership skills of staff in U of N schools. Students meet several times each week for discussion and instruction on such topics as pastoral skills, spiritual gifts, small group dynamics, basic management principles, and leadership of public meetings and outreaches. In addition each student meets regularly with a mentor for feedback and evaluation. Assignments include reading and reporting on a number of books covering basic leadership issues.

Course Number Credits Languages Start Date End Date
Worldview Leadership Course (WLC) CHR 145 6 English, German 08 Jan 2021 09 Apr 2021
Basic Leadership School (BLS) CHR 145 6 English, German 11 Jan 2021 02 Apr 2021
Basic Leadership School (BLS) CHR 145 6 English, German 12 Sep 2021 21 Dec 2021

Christian Thought and the Mission of God ( CHR 239 )

This Course affirms and explores the Missio Dei (the Mission of the triune God). The mission of the Creator is to glorify Himself through redeeming sinful humans and restoring corrupted creation. The Gospel is the Good News of the Kingdom of God - inaugurated by Jesus in His first coming but "not yet" complete until His second coming. As followers of Jesus we are called to proclaim and spread the Gospel and live out its implications. We pursue an integrated, holistic approach to aligning with God's Kingdom agenda of righting relationships with Himself, others, and creation; to restoring justice; and to bringing healing to a broken world. We highlight a Biblical Christian Worldview and the resulting pursuit of a lifestyle of doing justice, loving mercy, and walking humbly with God (Micah 6:8) in every sphere of society.

Course Number Credits Languages Start Date End Date
Christian Thought and the Mission of God CHR 239 12 English 04 Jul 2021 24 Sep 2021

Discipleship Training School (DTS) ( DSP 211 )

This school is an intensive Christian discipleship course beginning with an 11 or 12-week lecture/teaching phase followed by an 8-12 week practical field assignment. It is a prerequisite for all other courses in the University of the Nations, and also serves to orient and prepare all new Youth With A Mission (YWAM) staff. The DTS is designed to encourage students in personal character development, cultivating their relationship with God and identifying their unique gifts and callings. Cross-cultural exposure and global awareness are special emphases throughout the course, preparing the students to evangelize and disciple current and future generations, answering the call to ""Go into all the world and teach (make disciples of) all nations."" (Matthew 28:19). The curriculum is in the following six major categories: God's nature and character; God's intention for individuals, peoples and nations; seeing all of life from God's perspective; redemption, sin, and the Cross; God's family - the Church; God's world - His call and commission; the ministries of YWAM.Focused DTS's: In some locations the DTS is offered with a particular focus, such as the Crossroads DTS, Operation Year DTS, University DTS, Sports DTS, Arts DTS, etc.Credit will be given for this course with satisfactory completion of DSP 212.

Course Number Credits Languages Start Date End Date
Original Discipleship Training School (DTS) DSP 211 12 English, German 27 Sep 2020 17 Dec 2020
50plus Discipleship Training School (50plus DTS) DSP 211 12 English, German 27 Sep 2020 19 Dec 2020
Justice Discipleship Training School (Justice DTS) DSP 211 11 English, German 17 Jan 2021 05 Apr 2021
Couples Discipleship Training School (Couples DTS) DSP 211 12 English, German 11 Apr 2021 01 Jul 2021
50plus Discipleship Training School (50plus DTS) DSP 211 12 English, German 04 Jul 2021 25 Sep 2021
Original Discipleship Training School (DTS) DSP 211 12 English, German 26 Sep 2021 16 Dec 2021

Family Ministry School ( CNH 223 )

Course Purpose: The purpose of this School is to train families and individuals to Minister to families and reach those families with the good news! This course will introduce the students to the biblical foundations of marriage and Family life. Course Context: The world is changing their traditional view of marriage and family. We need to renew the mindset to disciple families with a biblical understanding of Family principles and values. Course Objectives: To evangelize families to the good news to unreached families. To restore Family life by bringing healing to broken individuals and families and help Christian families live out biblical Family life styles. To train families and individuals called to work in Family Ministries to provide practical biblical training opportunities. To challenge and mobilize families to see their role in fulfilling the great commission. Course Values: Item 15: YWAM recognizes the value of the Family. We affirm the importance of fathers, mothers and children. We support the necessity for each individuals Family to be a strong and healthy unit. This course will introduce individuals and families to begin fulfilling this YWAM value.

Introductory Bible Course ( CHR 227 )

In this 12-week introduction to the Bible, the student will be given an overview of “God’s story” and will discover the purposes of God in it. In this course students are equipped with tools for in-depth personal Bible study. This course combines quality teaching, personal study, and practical application in order to help students develop a modest vocabulary and basic familiarity with the Scriptures as preparation for more advanced courses. It gives comprehensive coverage of many facets of Bible study such as inspiration and canonization of the Scriptures, hermeneutics, biblical ethics, Old Testament survey, basic Greek, New Testament survey, Church history, and homiletics. A disciplined learning environment helps prepare the student for a lifetime of Bible study. The school focuses on a variety of biblical topics already introduced in the Discipleship Training School, yet goes into a deeper study of each topic, with an emphasis on personal discipleship. Specific content will vary according to course location. This course meets the U of N Core Curriculum requirement for Bible and is offered under the following names: School of Biblical Foundations (SBF) and Discipleship Bible School (DBS).

Course Number Credits Languages Start Date End Date
Discipleship BIBLE School - DBS (Introductory Bible Course) CHR 227 12 English, German 10 Apr 2021 02 Jul 2021

SBS New Testament Completion Seminar ( CHR 115 )

A seminar identical to the first 3-4 weeks of CHR 315. It is intended for those who desire to finish the inductive study of the New Testament after completing CHR 213, the first quarter of the School of Biblical Studies. Credit may not be received for both the CHR 115 seminar and CHR 315.

School of Biblical Christian Worldview ( HMT/SCI 213 )

The school deals with the cultural developments in our global world and gives insight into the thinking behind current social and political changes. The school will help you to find answers to your questions from a biblical approach. We look at today’s trends and various worldviews and at their historical and philosophical roots. With the Bible as our foundation, we educate Christians to be responsible and well-informed citizens in all spheres of life (family, economy, politics, science, church, media, and the arts). During this course, you learn to see the world through God's eyes and to understand what He wants to do through you in your nation. Learning will be hands-on, as we visit historical and significant places in Switzerland like Geneva, (the City of Reformation and the UN) and Berne (where the Swiss Parliament is located). Additionally, we will visit businesses, churches and the Swiss Alps. You can look forward to learn from significant places of the Reformation, with speakers who are involved in positions of responsibility in different spheres of society. There will be classroom lectures, discussions and projects as well. Both in and out of the classroom, you will be learning from international teachers who are skilled in moving peoples' hearts and challenging their minds.

Course Number Credits Languages Start Date End Date
School of Biblical Christian Worldview HMT/SCI 213 12 English, German 17 Jan 2021 08 Apr 2021

School of Biblical Studies I ( CHR 213 )

This is the first in a series of three courses that make up the School of Biblical Studies (SBS). This course sequence surveys the whole Bible using the inductive approach (observation, interpretation and application). This course may serve as a core course in all bachelor's degree programmes. This course meets the U of N Core Curriculum requirement for Bible.

School of Biblical Studies II ( CHR 315 )

This course is a continuation of the School of Biblical Studies, using the inductive approach to study Matthew, Hebrews, Gospel of John, 1-3 John 1 & 2 Peter, Jude and Genesis through Samuel.

School of Biblical Studies III ( CHR 316 )

As the final course in the SBS series, this continuation of training in using the inductive approach to studying the Bible, covers the study of Kings through Malachi.

Course Number Credits Languages Start Date End Date
SBS - School of Biblical Studies III CHR 316 12 English, German 28 Sep 2020 18 Dec 2020

School of Biblical Studies Seminar ( CHR 113 )

A 3-week seminar similar to the first 3 weeks of CHR 213, School of Biblical Studies where basic training on using the inductive method is received. Credit may not be received for both the CHR 113 seminar and CHR 213.


School of Visual Storytelling ( CMC 218 )

God has been a storyteller from the very beginning and throughout the Bible we see that He chose people to build His kingdom through story. The School of Visual Storytelling aims to unlock the gift of storytelling withing us as we investigate its biblical values. We will explore foundational principles of communication and design, go through the process of developing a story from the initial idea to the final draft, and learn skills in innovative, visual media (e.g. photography, film-making, graphic design, etc). The school creates space for God to examine our character and shape us into storytellers who draw our inspiration from Jesus himself. We will be equipped to influence cultures and impact nations through effective and relevant stories that are founded on truth, love, and compassion.