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Advanced Leadership Seminar ( CHR 305 )

Leadership Training School - The Leadership Training School (LTS) is designed to equip YWAM leaders in the areas of spiritual leadership, organization, management, and communication. It is international both in its student composition and its school staff and speakers. The LTS incorporates a variety of learning contexts. Hands-on workshops enable students to acquire practical skills, and learning groups provide a setting in which to interact, integrate and apply classroom content. Corporate discussions and panels encourage a creative atmosphere for developing innovative concepts and programs. As a final report, each student develops a plan to implement his or her vision for a new mission project. Note: Right now we are offering The Advanced Leadership Seminar (CHR 305) which is a segment of the LTS; therefore, students who take the LTS will not be awarded credit for this seminar, except as part of their LTS credits. Altogether we will be offering other seminars you can do after to combine the Credits for a full LTS program.

Applied Semiotics and Culture ( HMT 239 )

Taking symbols, signs, images, language and stories seriously. This applied semiotics school would unpack culture, signs, language and symbols. As we tell the story of Jesus in a way that is inviting, compelling, convincing, and transformative. The fundamental sign to read is found in Jesus himself. Students would learn how to recognize the signs of Jesus' work in the world and proactively guide the churches into the future. This practical course would prepare ministry leaders for the world that is actually out there Like the Tribe of Issachar in ancient Israel, semiotics and culture students learn to “read the signs of the times and know what to do” (1 Chron. 12:32).

Biblical Studies Seminar ( CHR 114 )

This seminar empowers us in the Holy Spirit, knowledge and skill to study the Bible in a predominantly oral context. Using a relational inductive approach, students will receive an overview of the Bible and understand the Bible as story, as well as increasing awareness, dependence and knowing the person and work of the Holy Spirit and the Kingdom of God. This in turn will increase understanding of the mystery of God and the supernatural power (dunamis) of Holy Spirit in the Word that releases faith for a Kingdom lifestyle in communion with Word and Spirit. The foundation pillars are: God, the Bible narrative (story), doing together as family, and supernatural transformation/miracles.

Children at Risk ( CNH/EDN 251 )

A course designed for those who want to become advocates for children and work to see lasting change in their lives. The focus is on children who have been placed at risk because of factors such as war, disease, poverty, exploitation, abandonment, disability, and other forms of injustice. Students are given an overview of the needs of at risk children as well insight concerning child development. An emphasis is made on intervention and working towards advocacy for children. More specific instruction is provided on issues relating to street children, HIV/AIDS, sexual abuse, and attachment disorder, depending on the location of the school and the needs of children in that setting.

Community Development School ( DEV/HMT 365 )

The Community Development School provides training in a Biblical approach to community transformation in all spheres of society. Beginning with the holistic development of the individual and their relationship with God, the principles and practices of this course are designed to enable change in varied settings, from rural to urban, from low to upper-middle income economies within the globalized world. This course equips students with skills to help communities initiate and accomplish strategic activities that will bring Kingdome life and growth towards God's purposes. The curriculum helps the participant cultivate a solid working knowledge of transformation, development values, fundamental skills, godly character and good relationships.

Discipleship Training School (DTS) ( DSP 211 )

This school is an intensive Christian discipleship course beginning with an 11 or 12-week lecture/teaching phase followed by an 8-12 week practical field assignment. It is a prerequisite for all other courses in the University of the Nations, and also serves to orient and prepare all new Youth With A Mission (YWAM) staff. The DTS is designed to encourage students in personal character development, cultivating their relationship with God and identifying their unique gifts and callings. Cross-cultural exposure and global awareness are special emphases throughout the course, preparing the students to evangelize and disciple current and future generations, answering the call to ""Go into all the world and teach (make disciples of) all nations."" (Matthew 28:19). The curriculum is in the following six major categories: God's nature and character; God's intention for individuals, peoples and nations; seeing all of life from God's perspective; redemption, sin, and the Cross; God's family - the Church; God's world - His call and commission; the ministries of YWAM.Focused DTS's: In some locations the DTS is offered with a particular focus, such as the Crossroads DTS, Operation Year DTS, University DTS, Sports DTS, Arts DTS, etc.Credit will be given for this course with satisfactory completion of DSP 212.

Course Number Credits Languages Start Date End Date
Discipleship Training School (DTS) DSP 211 12 English 27 Jun 2022 16 Sep 2022
Crossroads Discipleship Training School (DTS) DSP 211 12 English 27 Jun 2022 16 Sep 2022

Effective Communication for Teaching ( CHR 175 )

This course is the first three weeks of the Titus Project training, a teaching field assignment and preparation for School of Biblical Studies (SBS) graduates. However, this seminar is open to others who have not taken the SBS. This training includes development of teaching and preaching skills, cross-cultural ministry, learning styles (with an emphasis on reaching oral communicators), focused reading, as well as several assisted and evaluated teachings. This will be conducted within the framework of daily life on a YWAM campus for the live-learn experience.

Feedback With Dignity (FWD) Seminar ( EDN 143 )

For staff to be made aware of the SHAME of EDUCATIONAL WOUNDING. And to help train staff on how to give feedback to the student without causing more shame. One of YWAM values are to value the individual. Meaning "all size does not fit all" I want staff to give feedback, not from their cultural background, but to give feedback to the student from a view point that would be honoring to the student and helpful to the learning process of the student.

Foundations in Human Trafficking and Survivor Care ( HMT 161 )

Lead by S-Cape Safe-house and Restoration Center in Cape Town South Africa, Foundations in Human Trafficking and Survivor Care offers a close and experienced look at the multifaceted needs of Human Trafficking Survivors and a holistic approach for transformational care. By combining classroom theory and understanding with practical hands on experience this course aims to equip each student not only with the tools necessary to care for Victims of Trafficking but also answer the question "Where do I start?".

Foundations in Restorative Justice and Peacemaking ( HMT 265 )

Love Thy Neighbour(hood) is a five month global track seeking to equip a new generation of Jesus-followers for sustainable work in Christian mission through healing justice, radical mercy and peacemaking. LTN will give you tools for a robust spirituality and compassionate activism as you follow Jesus in a hurting world. This is a multi-location YWAM second-level training school—six weeks in South Africa, six weeks in Australia and six weeks in Lebanon. Hosted collectively by A Life Together, YWAM Muizenberg (South Africa),YWAM Wollongong (Australia) & The Foundation for Forgiveness and Reconciliation Project (Lebanon).

Government and International Studies ( HMT 255 )

The School of Government and International Studies (SGIS) is designed to challenge students to develop a biblical perspective of government, law, and international relations. In addition, it will equip students with greater understanding of international current events within a historical context. Students will learn about regional issues and conflicts from visiting teachers who are either nationals or have lived and worked extensively in various regions of the world. They will learn that ‘ideas have consequences’ through the studying how the worldviews of prominent historical leaders have brought blessing or judgment upon their nations. They also will learn how success or failure of domestic or foreign policies are related to national leaders’ adherence to or ignorance of biblical principles.

Introductory Bible Course ( CHR 227 )

In this course students are equipped with tools for in-depth personal Bible study. This course combines quality teaching, personal study, and practical application in order to help students develop a modest vocabulary and basic familiarity with the Scriptures as preparation for more advanced courses. It gives comprehensive coverage of many facets of Bible study such as inspiration and canonization of the Scriptures, hermeneutics, biblical ethics, Old Testament survey, basic Greek, New Testament survey, Church history, and homiletics. A disciplined learning environment helps prepare the student for a lifetime of Bible study. The school focuses on a variety of biblical topics already introduced in the Discipleship Training School, yet goes into a deeper study of each topic, with an emphasis on personal discipleship. Specific content will vary according to course location. This course meets the U of N Core Curriculum requirement for Bible and is offered under the following names: School of Biblical Foundations (SBF) and Discipleship Bible School (DBS).

Missions Strategies ( CHR 199 )

Strategic development of the UofN in the the region. Connecting with college, centre and other leaders to build relationships, vision for your specific calling, and finding mutual support. The week is also about equipping for multiplication and excellence in schools or seminars, leading to fruitful ministry through relevant training. It will be a dynamic week with teaching, worship, intercession and listening to God for tools and strategies on how we can move forward together.

School of Biblical Studies I ( CHR 213 )

This is the first in a series of three courses that make up the School of Biblical Studies (SBS). This course sequence surveys the whole Bible using the inductive approach (observation, interpretation and application). This course may serve as a core course in all bachelor's degree programmes. This course meets the U of N Core Curriculum requirement for Bible.

School of Biblical Studies II ( CHR 315 )

This course is a continuation of the School of Biblical Studies, using the inductive approach to study Hebrews, James, I and II Peter, Jude, I, II and III John, the Gospel of John, Revelation, and Genesis through I Kings.

School of Biblical Studies III ( CHR 316 )

As the final course in the SBS series, this continuation of training in using the inductive approach to studying the Bible, covers the study of II Kings through Malachi.

School of Intercessory Prayer ( CHR 265 )

The purpose of the SOIP is to teach, practice and encourage the daily exercise of intercessory prayer and to understand the character, nature, and ways of God in prayer, intercession, worship and spiritual warfare. Understanding the significant place and practice of prayer in the believer's life, and the role of worship and spiritual warfare in making disciples of the nations are taught through lectures, discussions, and research projects. Practical application includes coordinating and leading prayer and worship.

Sports Coaching Seminar ( SFT 189 )

iMove Coaching seminar aims to develop and enhance the aspiring sports coach’s understanding of coaching with a Biblical worldview, develop effective coaching techniques and establish a progressive coaching philosophy. iMove has 3 foundational pillars, namely, Athletes, Coaching, Sport Science, and aims to assist the coach in integrating all three aspects in their coaching. iMove's core value is to further educate the coach and support coaches in their growth process. Topics include: Understanding process vs results The Planning process and periodization of athletes The role and value of sport The role of technology in coaching Outcomes: 1. Coaches will gain a holistic view of process vs results based coaching. 2. Coaches will understand and be able to implement a periodization plan for their team or athletes. 3. Coaches will gain further knowledge of the role of sport. 4. Coaches will be able to integrate the use of technology in their coaching. 5. A complete look at the role of the coach.

Worship, Intercession, Spiritual Warfare and Evangelism Seminar ( CHR 163 )

A 4 week seminar aimed to equip leaders to spiritually carry and lead in ministry settings, while fostering a lifestyle of living by the Spirit. The seminar demonstrates the principles of facilitating what the Holy Spirit is doing in settings like prayer meetings, ministry application times and worship. The seminar incorporates the following: 1. Leadership skills (specifically leading by the Spirit and facilitation principles from one-on-one to large group settings). To equip students with the ability to bring an audience to a place of spiritual altitude and facilitate where the Holy Spirit takes it from there. 2. Developing gift clusters associated with people anointed in the area of prayer (revelatory gifts, worship, ministry facilitation, deliverance, inner healing and prophetic evangelism). 3. Link prayer, worship and the prophetic with the lost. Developing skills in using these gifts to evangelize. The LBSC will bring tools to see breakthrough in a frontier missions context, to lead prayer outreaches, facilitate 24/7 prayer ministries, facilitate prayer, ministry, worship or prophetic ministry or workshops, reach out to the lost and be equipped to pray people through any bondage in their life (through inner healing or deliverance). It is broad in context and can be applied in any ministry context.

Worship Seminar ( ATS/CHR 160 )

This intensive training seminar for worship leaders and teams gives participants training in biblical foundations of worship, worship leadership issues, songwriting, teamwork, and creative and prophetic worship.