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Faleata Sisifo District

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Discipleship Bible School ( CHR 205 )

The Discipleship Bible School (DBS) is a Bible overview and reading course with an important discipleship component in it as well and could be viewed as a sequel to the DTS. The school focuses on the Bible revisiting DTS topics as we come them accross in the Bible and then go deeper. The student will have read the entire Bible at the end of the course and have a firm understanding on its content.

Discipleship Training School (DTS) ( DSP 211 )

The Discipleship Training School (DTS/CDTS) is an intensive Christian training course beginning with a 12 week lecture/teaching phase followed by a 8-12 week practical field assignment. The DTS/CDTS is designed to encourage students in personal character development, cultivating a living relationship with God and identifying their unique individual gifts and callings in God. Cross-cultural exposure and global awareness are special emphases throughout the course, preparing the students to reach current and future generations and answer the call to "Go into all the world and disciple al nations" (Mat 28:19). - The UofN International DTS Centre manual.

Introduction to Community Technology ( SCI 151 )

This seminar provides an overview of how technologies can be used to meet felt needs of a hungry and thirsty world and by so doing demonstrate God's love for them in a practical way. The seminar will specifically provide a description of food, water, sanitation, shelter, and energy needs in various parts of the world, and it will provide a review of strategies currently available to meet some of these needs.

Oral Bible Translation School ( APL 249 )

This school is to train YWAMers to be Oral Bible Translation facilitators who work with the mother tongue translators. The Oral Bible Translation(OBT) School has the objective to train Oral Bible translators and OBT Facilitators to serve in the movement of making the word of God available in all mother tongues. We will use the Translation Village story by Marcia Suzuki as a backbone from which the whole school curriculum will be taught. This includes the Holistic approach for OBT and the Embodiment principles of OBT. The school of four units: 1. Translation as a local Practice 2. Translation as friendship 3. Translation with a holistic understanding 4. OBT Guided practicum where the students will work in the translation of a book or passage of the Bible.