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Discipleship Training School (DTS) ( DSP 211 )

Today’s society is in fast motion, filled with opportunities and expectations of who you should be. To keep the faith in Jesus, to serve others as He does and build life on God´s Word can be an enormous challenge. A Discipleship Training School is put together to give you training and experiences to strengthen you for this challenge. Coast to Coast DTS will also give you experiences in the Norwegian outdoors and with development work in Papua New Guinea. The purpose is to give you opportunity to expand your perspective and understand what it means to live life to the fullest. This is a five month active DTS - join us conquering mountains and building strong foundations for your future. This DTS is a full time, live learn school where it serves to gather and challenge people to listen to and obey God, whilst releasing them to serve through evangelism, intercession and other expressions of God’s heart for the world. Students are challenged to grow in their relationship with God as they learn from the DTS Curriculum, resulting in Christ like character. There is personal application of Biblical truth, while being equipped to live and relate to others, both in YWAM and outside of it. It consists of 11 weeks of lectures and 8 weeks practical field assignment, in accordance with UofN DTS Guidelines.

School of Prophetic Dance ( ATS 215 )

The School of Prophetic Dance imparts foundational values and principles to minister through prophetic dance. The school has a strong focus on the value of dance in worship and prayer and how worship teams and dancers can minister together. The school will cover topics such as Hearing God’s voice, the Prophetic and Priestly call of the Artist, Worship, Intercession, ministering to God and blessing others, as well as Dance in Missions. These build on foundational aspects at a more advanced level than the DTS.

School of Prophetic Fine Art ( ATS 253 )

The School of Prophetic Fine Art aims to equip students to understand how the prophetic can be communicated through the fine arts. Students will learn about portraiture, plein air painting, various media, composition, colours but will do this in the context of hearing God's voice. We will also go into art therapy and inner healing and other ways to use art in ministry. There will be teaching that mixes fine art skills and prophetic skills to produce high quality prophetic fine art pieces.

School of Worship -- SoW ( CHR 261 )

The School of Worship imparts foundational values and principles to those intending to serve in worship among the nations. Topics include character and lifestyle as a worshiper, understanding the work of the Holy Spirit in worship, applying worship principles within a cross-cultural context, the biblical and historical aspects of worship, leadership and teamwork, the dynamics of worship and intercession, prophetic ministry, spiritual warfare, creativity and musicianship, and worship in missions and evangelism.