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Advanced Leadership Seminar ( CHR 305 )

Leadership Development Course (LDC)

Discipleship Training School (DTS) ( DSP 211 )

This DTS for Families, and all generations is a full time, live learn school where it serves to gather and challenge people to listen to and obey God, whilst releasing them to serve through evangelism, intercession and other expressions of God’s heart for the world.  Students are challenged to grow in their relationship with God as they learn from the DTS Curriculum, resulting in Christ like character.  There is personal application of Biblical truth, while being equipped to live and relate to others, both in YWAM and outside of it.  It consists of 12 weeks of lectures and minimum 8 to 12 weeks practical field assignment, in accordance with UofN DTS Guidelines.

DTS Staff Training Seminar ( DSP 121 )

A foundational collaborative training program offered by various members of the International DTS Centre, for DTS staff and Leaders from many different locations. It covers the DTS purpose, curriculum and guidelines, YWAM’s Foundational Values, some basic skills for working with people, leadership skills, DTS administration (including U of N Course and student registration processes), and a special focus on facilitating the ministry of the Holy Spirit in the classroom. This course is most commonly referred to as "DTS Foundational Workshop."

Family Ministry School ( FAM 223 )

12 weeks classroom based phase involving lectures, workshops, group work and practice. Learn all about Family with the very best of teaching on Parenting, Marriage, Family Issues, Basic Counselling, Children and Teen Ministry, Forces against the Family, Generational Issues, Seminar training, Worldview of Family and so much more.

Foundations for Counseling Ministry ( CNH 211 )

The FCM course helps students mature as they learn their role in the healing and transforming process. They will be challenged to take responsibility for their part in identity formation, relationship with God and others, and their own personal healing. The students will develop counseling skills and tools that will enable them to effectively minister to individuals, families and communities. They will gain a revelation of the atoning work of Christ, God’s character and His plan of redemption within the context of Biblical counseling.

Foundations for Family Life Seminar I ( FAM 121 )

A 3 week boutique course for families aimed at equipping them with tools and treasures for a lifetime. They will hear from speakers about parenting, marriage and family topics that they can use to invest into their own family's as well as others. Inlcuded in this course will be special outings for the families as we take them around the tourist areas of the North Island of New Zealand to see our beautiful nation and have a wonderful family experience together. Making memories and gathering treasures for a lifetime.

Foundations for Family Studies ( FAM 251 )

This course introduces students to the biblical foundational concepts of family life; presents a model for the study and understanding of the dynamics of family life; and introduces basic tools for helping to relate to families. The lecture phase uses a template in which the curriculum is broken down into nine major categories, with a minimum of one week devoted to each of these categories. The nine categories are to be viewed as the central core, around which the FFS template is to be built. The nine categories are: biblical worldview of family, a biblical family model, Family of Origin model, marriage relationships, parenting, basic 1-2 hour seminar skills, family life, skills for helping families, and families in ministry. Students can anticipate a challenge to grow and develop Christian character traits. Students will increase their competence in ministering to families.