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Discipleship Training School (DTS) ( DSP 211 )

The school is an intense Christian discipleship course aimed to improve spiritual disciplines and Christian character. It is a program composed of a 12 week lecture phase consisting of classes with weekly themes that point to a relationship with God, comprehension and understanding of the Christian's responsibility in the Great Commission,and offering your gifts and talents for the advancement of the Kingdom of God. Followed by an outreach phase, the school aims to immerse the student in a cross-cultural experience to apply all the content absorbed; opportunities to serve, teach, mobilize, and evangelize.

Foundations for Counseling Ministry ( CNH 211 )

A course to equip those who feel called to reach out to broken, hurting people. As the entry course into degrees in the College/Faculty of Counseling and Health Care, it establishes the foundation stones for a biblical counseling ministry, especially within YWAM and the missions community. These foundation stones include a commitment to reach the lost; recognition that ministry involves the individual, the family and the community; the Divine Plumbline counseling model; and revelation as a key to change. In addition, each course may address specific counseling models or tools and specific counseling issues that are considered relevant to a particular target field or ministry.

Foundations in Education ( EDN 211 )

Using Scripture as the standard for analyzing educational models and practices, this course provides potential educators and those who work with children in any context a solid foundation for their future work. The course focuses on the unique approach of Christian education with an overview of the physical, intellectual, moral, social/emotional, and spiritual development of children and youth. The nature of learning and the variety of learning styles is considered as well as the character development of effective teachers. Other topics include: classroom management, curriculum development, and the role of education in community development and world missions.

Principles in Child and Youth Ministry ( EDN 221 )

A course designed to provide students biblical models for growth and human development , preparing them to work with children and youth. The main purpose is about character development and a practical understanding of the christian faith being applied in every area of life. The course hepls the students to motivate children and teens to worship and serving others, it also teaches them how to teach others. PCYM teaches how to make partnerships with local churches to facilitate the year projects with children and youth.

Sports Coaching Training Seminar ( ATS 189 )

This seminar provides training for upcoming and current sport coaches on coaching techniques, how to disciple athletes/players and setting up ongoing sports programs to develop communities.

Sports Leadership Training I ( ATS 184 )

Participants will gain skills in building effective teams, sports and the Bible, presenting the Gospel, leadership and management, and strategic sports ministry programs.

Sports Ministry School ( ATS 281 )

The Sports Ministry School is designed to equip athletes and coaches working in missions and the local church. The course will delve into topics such as a biblical approach to sport ministry, methods and models of sports ministry, developing a ministry plan, and organizing sports ministry events. It will also cover learning fundamental techniques and playing strategies of various sports, general coaching principles, basics of fitness/health and nutrition, leadership and evangelism and discipleship through sport.

Course Number Credits Languages Start Date End Date
Sports Ministry School ATS 281 12 English, Portuguese 07 Jul 2019 28 Sep 2019

Transformational Sports Coaching ( )

This school will train people to disciple through sports and fitness coaching in a way that they brings personal Biblical transformation into the lives of those they coach, honoring and glorifying God through discipleship, training and evangelism. They will be able to implement strategies in coaching, sports psychology, sports evangelism, and Christian character development.