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School of Culture & Art ( ATS 225 )

This specialized art school focuses on preparing the students to understand their personal and cultural identity. They learn how to incorporate cultural art forms in leading worship, sharing their faith, and teaching others in the context of the broader culture or society. Each course will include some general teaching about culture and the arts and then focus on the culture and art expressions of the nation in which the course runs and/or the nation where outreach is focused.

Course Number Credits Languages Start Date End Date
School of Culture & Art ATS 225 12 Portuguese 01 Feb 2021 30 Apr 2021

School of Design ( CMC 225 )

This entry-level course focuses on understanding the history and working principles of design. Key topics are: elements of godly communication; advertising and design; layout, color, form and function; designing for print and screen; media strategies for a wide range of media applications. Students also gain understanding on how the design industry works, how they may best function within it, and how their design skills may also be used in a variety of missions contexts.

School of Worship ( CHR 261 )

The School of Worship imparts foundational values and principles to those intending to serve in worship among the nations. Topics include character and lifestyle as a worshiper, understanding the work of the Holy Spirit in worship, applying worship principles within a cross-cultural context, the biblical and historical aspects of worship, leadership and teamwork, the dynamics of worship and intercession, prophetic ministry, spiritual warfare, creativity and musicianship, and worship in missions and evangelism.