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Dance Seminar ( ATS 111 )

The Dance Seminar is a dance training intensive with biblical foundations. The heart of the seminar is to train up believing dancers to impact 3 areas of dance: the church, education, and the professional industry with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Seminar would include: Worship, Prayer and Bible Study Technical classes in Contemporary, Classical Ballet, and Modern Techniques Spiritual Topics Classes such as Art/Faith Integration, The Heart of the Artist, Calling & Conduct, Dance in Missions, Prophetic and Priestly Dance, Perfectionism vs. Excellence, and more Choreography & Rehearsals Final Performance / Graduation

Discipleship Training School (DTS) ( DSP 211 )

This DTS is a full time, live learn school where it serves to gather and challenge people to listen to and obey God, whilst releasing them to serve through evangelism, intercession and other expressions of God’s heart for the world.  Students are challenged to grow in their relationship with God as they learn from the DTS Curriculum, resulting in Christ like character.  There is personal application of Biblical truth, while being equipped to live and relate to others.

Sports Ministry Training ( SFT 181 )

The focus of the sport seminar will be missions through Football and Fitness. Offering a first step into missions for athletic students, helping them use their passion for Football and Fitness to explore mission work! The Internship is open for students who have already done a DTS but also to those who haven't. Living in community, mentoring the individual as well as working in teams will be daily requirements in order to complete the course. We want to leave students challenged to step up to their calling, equipped with a new biblical worldview and with a first couple months of experience in serving people in urban areas. We desire that students know and have experienced - by the end of the Internship - that sports can be used to build the kingdom in different ways. Instead of only doing sports as a 'hobby' - something people enjoy for themselves, we teach that sports can be part of a personal calling. There is a clear task and mission in using sports! During the Football & Fitness Internship we teach on different ways to apply sports in missions, and we learn about the possible obstacles we might face on the way.