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Experience in Missions Leadership ( ATS 396 )

Undergraduate Directed Studies ( ATS 391 )

This is a Directed Studies Course meaning a student has approached an advisor, or an advisor has approached a student to take time to study a topic more in depth. The topic of this Directed Studies Course is: DANCER ANATOMY & STEWARDSHIP *The Cost per Student ($1750) is based off of the basic "B Country" Directive Studies Course in YWAM Kona as directed by Pieter Heres - cost for text books is not included, but student will purchase with their own money. Student: My heart for this course is to increase my knowledge and understanding of the body for teaching and discipling purposes. To have a wide vocabulary when teaching students to bring sufficient understanding to how the body moves. When the student receives understanding, this helps future self correction and therefore betters one’s capabilities in dance (in the long run). In the midst of bringing understanding, is to teach stewardship of why we take care of our bodies and what that looks like for a dancer. Advisor: God is commissioning and calling forth dancers like never before. The caliber and level of excellence, tricks, and performance is at a rapid increase. The professional dancer is pushing their bodies to limits like never before. It is common for dancers in various forms to have various injuries & pathologies such as: hip replacements in their 30’s-40’s, spinal/disc issues/pathologies, chronic dislocations, and imbalances from muscular weaknesses, however God has not called us to a life of injury and ailments. A part of this is due to a lack of understanding of the anatomy of the physical body that God has given us. When you understand the muscles, bones, body as it is meant to function, you begin to increase in knowledge of your own limitations, the limitations of the dancers you work with, and therefore begin to make adjustments to work from a healthier place. “Working from the right place” - as dance instructors around the world often say - not only is it healthier, but quite often it is more aesthetically pleasing and exudes a greater level of excellence. Excellence in skill, craft, and lifestyle is what God has called us to. In YWAM we KNOW and teach in all of our courses that excellence starts in the heart/character/personal walk with the Lord. We also know that the fruit of that should be us operating in excellence in whatever God has called us to - in our case it just so happens to be dancing for God’s Kingdom. You cannot have dance without a physical body - it is the primary physical tool God has given us to minister with, and that physical body needs to be understood and stewarded as God intended. Anatomical factors are not the only things that affect the excellence of a dancer. Stewardship in the area of rest, nutrition, and a deep understanding & belief that we are fearfully and wonderfully made are all essential for the dancer to keep their primary physical tool in ministry - their body - in the realm of excellence God calls us all to. In addition that lack of knowledge that leads to injuries and lack of stewardship can be a huge cause for dancers to give up, burn out, become too injured to continue dancing. Meaning they give up or are forced to stop the exact ministry God has ordained and commissioned them to do. The student should walk away with a knowledge of the physical body: i.e.: skeletal system, muscular system, structure/makeup of the axial and appendicular skeleton, etc. general anatomy as it pertains to the dancer. With this greater vocabulary and understanding the student should be better equipped not only in how take classes, learn choreography, and perform with greater ability, but their ability to teach and champion others in classes, choreography, and performance will also increase. The discipline and awareness to steward the physical body - that we’ve been given in the Image of God - as it pertains to the dancer is something the student should walk away from this course with. Not only for themselves but also for the sake of passing that on to the next generation of dancers that they may disciple in their lifetime who are called to change the world for God’s great glory through the ministry God has called them to in dance!