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Bible School for the Nations ( CHR 225 )

The BSN Core course is a book-by-book chronological adventure through the Bible. It focuses on knowing God, His message, and His Redeeming Story. We use creative methods of story telling, art and class participation.  The course also includes an intense week of learning Bible Study tools and application.  Students learn to prepare messages with an application of Biblical Principles to transform nations.  This course has a required 3-6 week Seminar (CHR 125) that is given at the beginning or end of the course. This course meets the UofN Core Curriculum requirement for Bible.

Course Number Credits Languages Start Date End Date
Bible School for the Nations CHR 225 12 English 05 Jan 2025 29 Mar 2025

Bible School for the Nations Seminar ( CHR 125 )

This seminar is run in conjunction with CHR 225, Bible School for the Nations,  which studies God's story and His perspective of the world as revealed in the Word of God.  The seminar pulls the principles from the Bible to discover the Biblical worldview and to help discern inaccurate views, which hold cultures in bondage. We also look at the impact of the Church and missions work through the Reformation. We have a major focus on identifying and applying biblical principles in every sphere of society.

Course Number Credits Languages Start Date End Date
Bible School for the Nations Seminar CHR 125 4 English 31 Mar 2025 25 Apr 2025

Discipleship Training School (DTS) ( DSP 211 )

This school is an intensive Christian discipleship course beginning with an 11-12 week lecture/teaching phase followed by an 8-12 week practical field assignment. It is a prerequisite for all other courses in the University of the Nations, and also serves to orient and prepare all new Youth With A Mission (YWAM) staff. The DTS is designed for Christian formation as a basis for discipleship and missional living. Cross-cultural exposure and global awareness are special emphases throughout the course, preparing the students to evangelize and disciple current and future generations, answering the call to go into all the world and make disciples of all nations. (Matthew 28:19).  The curriculum is in the following six major categories: God's nature and character; God's intention for individuals, peoples and nations; seeing all of life from God's perspective; redemption, sin, and the Cross; God's family - the Church; God's world - His call and commission; the ministries of YWAM. Credit will be given for this course with satisfactory completion of DSP 212 (DTS Outreach).

Course Number Credits Languages Start Date End Date
Discipleship Training School (DTS) DSP 211 12 English 08 Sep 2024 31 Mar 2025

Teaching, Preaching, and Bible Engagement Seminar ( CHR 178 )

This seminar is designed to equip those who feel called to teach, preach, or become involved in Bible engagement with practical skills, knowledge, and practice to improve their craft. Participants will not only learn from practitioners in each field, but will also have consistent opportunities for practice inside and outside the classroom during the seminar. Potential topics include: Biblical foundations for teaching, preaching in practice, interacting with competing worldviews, discovery-style learning, curriculum development, Bible engagement and translation projects, cross-cultural teaching, spiritual disciplines, learning styles, and teaching development in various contexts.