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Advanced Leadership Seminar ( CHR 305 )

This seminar is designed for both younger leaders and older experienced YWAM leaders who are in need of refreshment, renewal and/or is at a transitional time in his or her leadership experience. Topics include: Pioneering as a leader, Project development, integrity in power sex and money, Discipling other leaders, History of YWAM, Shepherd and servant leadership, building leadership teams, developing strategic partnerships, Finishing well as a leader.

Course Number Credits Languages Start Date End Date
Leadership Training Seminar CHR 305 5 English 23 Aug 2022 23 Sep 2022

Discipleship Bible School ( CHR 205 )

In this course students are equipped with tools for continual development of personal Bible study. This course combines dynamic teaching, small group processing, personal study, one on one-s and practical application in order to help students develop a modest vocabulary and basic familiarity with the Scriptures as preparation for more advanced courses. Throughout the course students will grow in their understanding of the nature and character of God, how to live in and contribute to community, the importance of covenants, communicate God's redemptive plan, use the Word in a ministry context, and discover the big picture of Bible. A disciplined learning environment helps prepare the student for a lifetime of Bible study. Through the facilitation of small groups and the creation of community the DBS emphasizes on personal discipleship and godly character. Additionally, the school focuses on a variety of Biblical topics building on the foundation established in the Discipleship Training School. This course meets the U of N Core Curriculum requirement for Bible.

Introduction to Primary Health Care ( HLC 261 )

The Introduction to Global Health and Development (IGHD, registered with ASQA as HLT31220 Certificate III in Basic Health Care) is a course designed to train you in health promotion, rural and remote first aid, basic health care and community development principles. The IGHD is for those who have a heart to see communities thrive physically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. During the course, you will be immersed in a powerful combination of essential basic healthcare knowledge and community development training, with a focus on preventing illness, promoting holistic wellbeing, and empowering communities to develop their strengths. Topics include: fundamentals of anatomy and physiology; strategies in primary health care pertaining to issues such as immunisation and six target diseases, malnutrition, breast feeding, management of dehydration in children, assessment and care of the sick child, and use of growth charts; practical clinical skills and basic field laboratory procedures.

Course Number Credits Languages Start Date End Date
Introduction to Global Health and Development HLC 261 11 English 17 Jul 2022 01 Oct 2022
Introduction to Global Health and Development HLC 261 12 English 16 Jul 2023 15 Oct 2023