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Discipleship Training School ( DSP 211 )

This course is targeted to prepare students in the foundation of Youth With A Mission, together with a Business as Mission focus. The objective to to equip, challenge and empower students to have a market place ministry mindset and learn how to be a light in their sphere of influence.

Food and Beverage Operations ( ATS 205 )

The Food and Beverage Operations consists of 2 parts. They are Food and Beverage Service (front of house) and Kitchen (back of house). In the Food & Beverage services, students will develop the applied knowledge and skills required to work as a food and beverage service professional in a full service restaurant. Various food and beverage service techniques and effective guest service skills and attitudes will be taught and practiced. The kitchen section will cover key aspects of food production critical to the success of a full service restaurant. Students will learn about kitchen work flow, food safety and hygiene as well as basic cookery methods and prepare simple dishes.

Hospitality Administration I ( ATS 201 )

Hospitality Administration I is the foundational course for the Hospitality Management Associate Degree program. It provides an introduction to the Hospitality Industry and Service Quality. The school will equip students with knowledge of the hospitality sector and to understand and explore the working relationships among the various sectors within the hospitality industry. It provides current information on products, services, technology and careers in the industry. Students will also gain an understanding of service quality and the concepts in delivering consistent quality service. Students are introduced to the basic principles and practices of customer-centric service and design. Cross cultural service skills and knowledge needed for international customer relationship management will be learned.

Hospitality Administration II ( ATS 202 )

Hospitality Administrative II covers hospitality marketing and human resource management This course focuses on the key concepts and principles in marketing and how these concepts are applied, with an emphasis on the marketing process relating to Hospitality industry. The HR portion focuses on the theory and practice of effective management of human resources to achieve organizational goals and objectives. HR professionals and line managers should understand how best to select, recruit, deploy, train and develop, assess and reward people who work for them. Students will acquire skill sets in these areas.

Hospitality Entrepreneurship ( ATS 105 )

This course electives will introduce the many aspects required to create a successful new business venture. Students will learn what is involved with being entrepreneurial and if the role of entrepreneur is one he or she might find appealing.

Hospitality Ethics ( ATS 103 )

The hospitality industry presents many opportunities for unethical practices. Employees may be placed in morally and ethically challenging and ambiguous situations. This seminar provides students with an understanding of ethical principles. These include integrity, fairness, accountability, honesty and respect for others. Through case studies and discussions, ethical issues relating to the hospitality industry will be covered.

Hospitality Leadership and Intercultural Management ( ATS 203 )

This course provides students with an understanding of the role and responsibilities of a supervisor, manager and leader. It is intended to help students acquire a range of supervisory, management and leadership skills. Students will also learn about leadership styles and stewardship. The course will also help students gain understanding and competencies in cross cultural management and communications across different context.

Hotel Operations ( ATS 206 )

The Hotel Operations module equips students with an understanding of the various functions, systems and procedures in hotel front and back office operations. It presents a systematic approach to managing the guest cycle from the point of reservation to their stay, checkout and account settlement. Aspects of key front office administration processes crucial to the success of front office operation will be covered. The housekeeping portion is designed to equip students with a working knowledge of good housekeeping practices to achieve the standards expected by guests in the hotel and lodging industry.