Prerequisite: DSP 211 & 212 (19-24)

Core: Bible, Communication, Applied Christian Thinking (36)

CHR 235/236 School of Missions & Field Assignment (20-24)

DEV/HMT 365/366 Community Development School & Field Assignment (20-24)

Elective Courses, Directed Studies, Seminars (one language or linguistics course strongly recommended) (36-49)

Total Credits for Bachelor of Arts Degree 144

Electives for Degree Programmes

Choice of electives for degree programmes is made from existing courses in the College of Christian Ministries, plus other related courses from other colleges. Not all courses are allowed, even from within this college, so it is essential that there be consultation with a College/Faculty Academic Advisor, and written approval given before the student assumes that their programme will meet the degree requirements.
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