Prerequisite: DSP 211 & 212 (19-24)

Core: Bible, Communication, Applied Christian Thinking (36)

One course with its Field Assignment selected from the following: (20-24)

  • HMT 271/272 Foundations for Intercultural Studies & Field Assignment
  • HMT 231/232 Introduction to Ethnolinguistics and Cultural Studies & Field Assignment

One course selected from from the following: (6-24)

  • HMT 233 Field-based Language Study
  • Approved Language and Cultural study (transfer credit)

One of the following: (12)

    • HMT 273 Intercultural Studies Internship
    • HMT 391 Directed Studies

One course with its Field Assignment or approved internship chosen in consultation with a College/Faculty Advisor (8-24)

Elective Courses, Directed Studies, Seminars (0-43)

Additional requirement for graduation: the student must present evidence of competency in the language studied; in many cases it may be necessary to complete more than 2 terms (24 weeks) of study. No extra credit for language study is available in this case.

Total Credits for Bachelor of Arts Degree 144

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