Prerequisite: DSP 211 & 212 (19-24)

Core: Bible, Communication, Applied Christian Thinking (36)

CNH 211/212 Foundations for Counseling Ministry & Field Assignment (24)

One advanced course and its Field Assignment chosen from the following: (24)

  • CNH 315/316 Methods and Models in Biblical Counseling & Field Assignment
  • CNH 321/322 Addictive Behavior Counseling School & Field Assignment
  • CNH 327/328 Couples & Family Counseling & Field Assignment

Three related courses (see below) (32-36)

Directed Readings, Seminars (0-9)

Three related courses that form a coherent field of study may be selected by the student (in consultation with an Academic Advisor) to complete the requirements of the B.A. degree. One of these courses must be a field assignment or practicum. If two of the courses are in a field different from counseling (such as, the Arts) a 2-credit Directed Studies course (CNH 391) in the form of an integrative paper will be required to relate the field of study to counseling. Note that in this case, the B.A. degree could require 146 hours.

Experience in counseling should form an integral part of the B.A. degree in addition to academic study. Usually this will be fulfilled through the field assignment aspect of the training (a degree student needs a minimum of 24 credits of practical counseling application), but in cases where it is not, students may be asked to work on staff of a counseling ministry for a three-month period.

Total Credits for Bachelor of Arts Degree 144

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