Prerequisites: Prior UofN courses in dancing, acting or musicianship or equivalent training plus Discipleship Training School (DSP 211 & 212).
Credits: 11 - 12

The school prepares people with advanced skills for participation in a performing arts production. With a central focus on the professional development of the artist’s technique and character, the school offers students training in one of three different specialties: dance, acting, or music. Parallel to the technique studies, all students of the AME will receive teachings on biblical foundations of the arts such as character of the artist, co-creating with God, and the Spiritual power of the Arts to name a few. They will also learn general skills for making a production happen. The training is in the context of a team developing and performing in a production together.

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Course Location Credits Start
ATS 321 JuCUM Rosario 12 04 Sep 2023 25 Nov 2023

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Course Location Credits
ATS 321 JuCUM Rosario 12