Credits: 1 - 12

The aim of this course is to learn baristas skill and coffee skills to reach out to people in all spheres of society and create community. You will be able to learn brewing methods, latte art, coffee flair & lots more through hands-on training during this course you will also learn all the fundamental skills including grinder setting, milk handling, latte art, refracting coffee and graphing  through practical training sessions. By the end of the course our aims is that your is a level of a skilled working barista,  Manager or Owner, able to work confidently in a coffee environment. The students will also learn the history of coffee, business practices, efficient workflow, budget and customer service.  This course is for students that desire to work in the coffee industry, work with people  and bring impact to a community. 

Upcoming Dates and Locations

No upcoming course dates.

All locations that offer this course

Course Location Credits
ATS 147 YWAM Cyprus 1
ATS 147 YWAM London Radiant 6
ATS 147 YWAM London Radiant 6