Prerequisites: APL 535
Credits: 11 - 12

This course is the last module of a series of six courses that together form the Master in Applied Linguistics for Bible Translation. This module focuses on the translation of the Book of Ruth into a language that does not have it. The Masters prepares students to perform specialist roles in Bible translation service among minority language groups. Our graduates will have the tools to work as facilitators in mother-tongue Bible translation projects as well as consultation practitioners for both written and oral Bible translation. Today, there are between 165 and 180 million people with no portion of the Word of God available in their mother tongue… The Lord is pressing us into action. He has given us talented people and anointed partnerships. He has led men and women to create amazing technological tools. But we need to give Him our own loaves and fishes before He can multiply them." Loren Cunningham The UofN Master in Applied Linguistics for Bible Translation program has been specifically designed to equip YWAMers to make their contribution to Bible translation service as facilitators, translators, mentors and potentially serve in the consultancy process. We are inspired by some YWAMers who are already involved in Bible translation for decades, and we want to see their example multiplied by hundreds in our mission. Our Master program is our response to the "End Bible Poverty Now" call, and more specifically to the “Pacific Wa’a Covenant” signed by leaders of several missionary organizations in the Pacific region. In this context, YWAM has a role in multiplying the next generation of Bible translation practitioners, who will contribute to eradicate Bible poverty in the world.

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APL 536 YWAM San Diego/Baja 12