Prerequisites: DSP 211 & 212
Credits: 11 - 12

A course designed for those who want to become advocates for children and work to see lasting change in their lives. The focus is on children who have been placed at risk because of factors such as war, disease, poverty, exploitation, abandonment, disability, and other forms of injustice. Students are given an overview of the needs of at risk children as well insight concerning child development. An emphasis is made on intervention and working towards advocacy for children. More specific instruction is provided on issues relating to street children, HIV/AIDS, sexual abuse, and attachment disorder, depending on the location of the school and the needs of children in that setting.

Upcoming Dates and Locations

Course Location Credits Start
CNH/EDN 251 YWAM Heidebeek 12 10 Apr 2024 05 Jul 2024
CHR/EDN 251 JOCUM Recife 12 22 Apr 2024 14 Jul 2024

All locations that offer this course

Course Location Credits
CNH/EDN 251 YWAM Heidebeek 12
CNH/EDN 251 YWAM Muizenberg 12
CHR/EDN 251 JOCUM Recife 12
CNH/EDN 251 JUCUM Corrientes 12
CNH/EDN 251 JOCUM Curitiba Sem Fronteiras 12
CNH/EDN 251 JOCUM Porto Velho 12
CNH/EDN 251 JOCUM Belo Horizonte 12