Credits: 1 - 12

The OBT course combines the power of language and God’s Word in oral format to bring nations the Bible in their heart language. “People are amazed when they realise God speaks their language. Now, he is no longer an English God… He is their God.” –Participant’s testimony “It’s really important to me and my people to be able to use the [language] translation to give a better understanding and know the Word of God. It’s been in my heart to seek God more and I believe this is part of my journey….I’d like to see [this] translation to use it as a resource among the communities and for families when they gather. This is important to us because other languages have a different way of speaking and communicating, but this gives us a better understanding of God’s Word. It will be good to have the Bible in our own language.” – Indigenous translator’s testimony The Bible is the greatest agent of discipleship and transformation other than God Himself. For over 639 years the Bible has been available in English. There are approximately 3,945 language groups that have never had 1 verse of the Word of God in the language they understand best. This represents 255 million people without access to the Word of God. Many of them are unreached and unengaged. Most are from oral cultures, often with no written language, or from cultures with high levels of poverty and illiteracy. Oral Bible Translation is essential to the Great Commission and making “disciples of all nations.” In order to effectively communicate Jesus Christ - Emmanuel, and the personal love of God, we need the Bible translated into every tongue. The Oral Bible Translation (OBT) Course will equip students to facilitate OBT projects in any location. Training received ensures you are able to produce a translation that a language group can engage with that is uniquely theirs. You will gain an understanding of oral cultures, the impact of the Bible on societies and Bible translation theory. You will learn the skills to effectively set up and facilitate an Oral Bible Translation Workshop using cutting-edge technology and tools. Topics include: introduction to ending Bible poverty; introduction to orality; introduction to linguistics; language and culture; socio-linguistic surveys; Bible translation theory; understanding Biblical genres; OBT roles and process; operation of Render and alternative OBT methods; developing partnerships; recording; and setting up a workshop

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APL 135 Youth With A Mission Penang 6
APL 135 JOCUM Porto Velho 6