Prerequisites: HLC 373/374 or equivalent midwifery education and experience by permission of school leadership.
Credits: 1 - 12

This course is designed to help students demonstrate Christ as they fulfil requirements for credentialing and licensing as a professional midwife. It includes international competency standards for knowledge and skills that are required by many national and international regulatory boards. This course has the goal of equipping midwives to integrate knowledge and skills to provide a full-scope of midwifery practice. It focuses on students transitioning from a student or assistant role, into an autonomous healthcare provider role.

Lecture content usually includes professional communications, more advanced anatomy and physiology for midwives, professional issues and ethics in midwifery, gynaecology, pre-conception care, fertility regulation, STD/STI and infection control, and professional considerations for services. Students will also be involved in clinical experience, research projects, and protocol writing (refining professional guidelines).

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