Credits: 11 - 12

A post graduate school for medical professionals, the essence of the school is to understand biblical foundations in medical missions and encourage a whole person care approach. Students will have lectures in Gods character associated with servant leadership, leadership of the holy spirit as well as the relevant communicable and non-communicable illnesses of today. Many of the health care needs relate to poverty, powerlessness, lack of education and lack of resources. These medical needs can be complex and requires an appropriate response in an environment that lacks medical resources. Being led by the Holy Spirit, the school gives a holistic and strategic approach to health care, and enables each student to apply solutions to many of these needs. Engaging in both urban and health depleted areas, it is uniquely designed to challenge world view and at the same time provide a platform for the student to target and research.

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Course Location Credits
HLC 367 YWAM Perth 12