Credits: 1 - 6

We aim to model for Chefs how to use cooking and culinary arts skills to reach out to people in all spheres of society and create community. Also through this we aim to break down structure-based limitations and curriculum barriers. We attempt to make YWAM more open and inclusive for a broader expression of the body of Christ to be able to experience a missional lifestyle through this sphere of influence in society. This school is for those with a passion for food and a heart for people. We are about serving people, learning a craft, and building community. More than just meals, we focus on the inner workings of a culinary arts, the ways to build a business, and how to get our community more involved together. We want to create recipes and bring community; to gather people while learning excellence in our craft. Within the three months, we will focus on some of the history of food/process of where it comes from, the skills of being a culinary artist, and also the key points of customer service and how we can be a difference and an influence in the lives of those we are serving.

Upcoming Dates and Locations

Course Location Credits Start
ATS 144 YWAM London Radiant 6 02 Jun 2023 21 Jul 2023

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Course Location Credits
ATS 144 YWAM London Radiant 6
ATS 144 YWAM London Radiant