Credits: 1 - 12

This course offers training in nutritional science and focuses on healthcare, community development, counseling and business. The intent of this course is to provide knowledge and practical skills in the areas of organic chemistry, human toxicology, dietetics, social studies, holistic healthcare, nutritional sociology, nutritional psychology, as well as culinary arts, food technologies and marketing. By taking this course, people will be better equipped, for ministry in the areas of caregiving, community feeding, training, counseling people who suffer from eating disorders, going into food production, starting a food business, running a restaurant, etc. This is a twelve week course that is designed to introduce and provide a compressed overview of the course content. It's intended to inspire, motivate and equip the students to dream with God and receive, vision of how He wants to transform and shape our communities in the area of nutrition and holistic health by using their passion for food, counseling, business, community development and healthcare.

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