Credits: 1 - 6

The five-week Transcultural Media Seminar (TMS) is designed to equip those who desire to creatively use various media to communicate with and minister to less reached people groups, particularly the tribes of Brazil. The seminar team and the students will use the technology as a teaching tool for a new culture, presenting stories through film that reveal the Creator and the values of the Word of God as applicable to them in their daily lives, including areas such as health, human resources and other basic needs for the development of community. 

Upcoming Dates and Locations

No upcoming course dates.

All locations that offer this course

Course Location Credits
CMC 115 YWAM Ships Kona 6
CMC 115 JOCUM Pantanal-Cuiab√° 4
CMC 115 YWAM Ships Kona 6
CMC 115 YWAM London Radiant 6
CMC 115 YWAM London Radiant 6