Credits: 1 - 6

The Creative Writing Seminar is a six week course that will not only train the students in the skills of writing, but also will include an emphasis on how to combine those skills with faith in God, in a way that enables them in a missional way to touch the hearts of those who witness their arts in action. The seminar includes practical, hands-on instruction and one-to-one discipling. A typical day in the Creative Writing Seminar could include a morning devotional, creative writing practice, work duties, family time, spiritual teaching, and working on performance for outreach. Students will learn about prophetic art, art as evangelism, spiritual warfare, using artistic gifts for God, and other topics. This course is not limited to those who have graduated from a DTS. 


Upcoming Dates

Course Location Credits Start
CMC 113 YWAM London Radiant 6 01 Feb 2020 04 May 2020
CMC 113 YWAM London Radiant 6 06 Jun 2020 01 Sep 2020