Prerequisites: DSP 211 & 212 plus CNH 261 & 262 or international experience as approved by the school leader
Credits: 1 - 12

The Health of a Community is strengthened when those that care come together with a heart and a desire for their communities to be successful. The health of a community requires leadership, initiative and ownership. Students on this school will recognize where community based health training is needed, and current health facilities need encouragement. Students learn to assess, research, create, implement, and come alongside, working toward achievable goals. The ultimate goal is that communities will know the hope that God longs to bring and that a tangible decrease in death and disease is achievable. A focus is given to poverty, access and sustainability; dangers related to paternalism and dependency, some of the major causes of child death and the community management of childhood disease. Many of the health care needs relate to poverty, powerlessness, lack of education, and lack of resources. This school seeks to endorse Gods health ideal for communities.

Upcoming Dates

Course Location Credits Start
CNH 365 YWAM Perth 12 05 Apr 2020 27 Jun 2020
CNH 365 YWAM Perth 12 11 Apr 2021 03 Jul 2021
CNH 365 YWAM Perth 12 03 Apr 2022 25 Jun 2022