Prerequisites: CMC 301
Credits: 1 - 6

This online course requires each student to be fully motivated to do their own self study. During the 6 weeks students will read three books: New Issues Facings Christians Today by John Stott, Matters of Life and Death by John Wyatt, God and Political Justice by Landa L. Cope. They will continue to learn about the 5 global issues that they started in the Advanced Principles of Communication Seminar (APC 301). They will be required to be reading the news and engaging in TED Talks that deal with these particular global issues. They will continue to learn how God addresses these issues in Scripture and they will be expected to write reports on the books they read and the TED talks they choose. The students will watch and discuss relevant films and teaching videos that will be chosen by their Directed Studies advisor. They will be expected to integrate what they have both read and watched into their final paper. The final paper is due at the end of the 6-weeks. The student is also expected to Skype with their advisor once a week and get feedback on their homework.

This online course is an extension of the 6 week Advanced Principles of Communiation Seminar and will give graduates within the College of Communication another option to the full 12-week APC school (by completing both the intensive and the practicum). Students must start the Advanced Principles of Communication Directed Studies within 6 months of completing their 6-week Intensive. Within that time frame each student will choose their own 6 weeks to complete the online course.

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