Prerequisites: DSP 211 & 212
Credits: 11 - 12

Using Scripture as the standard for analyzing educational models and practices, this course provides potential educators and those who work with children in any context a solid foundation for their future work. The course focuses on the unique approach of Christian education with an overview of the physical, intellectual, moral, social/emotional, and spiritual development of children and youth. The nature of learning and the variety of learning styles is considered as well as the character development of effective teachers. Other topics include: classroom management, curriculum development, and the role of education in community development and world missions.

Upcoming Dates and Locations

Course Location Credits Start
EDN 211 YWAM Perth 12 03 Jul 2022 24 Sep 2022
EDN 211 University of Nations - YWAM Kona 12 30 Sep 2022 22 Dec 2022

All locations that offer this course

Course Location Credits
EDN 211 University of Nations - YWAM Kona 12
EDN 211 YWAM Perth 12
EDN 211 JOCUM Almirante Tamandare 12
EDN 211 JOCUM Lichinga 12
EDN 211 University of Nations - YWAM Kona 12
EDN 211 JOCUM Pitangui 12
EDN 211 YWAM Vancouver 12