Prerequisites: CHR 213 or CHR 211
Credits: 8 - 12

There are two versions of this course, one that can be done after SBS I, and one that can be done only after completion of the full 9 month SBS:

Classical – Having studied the Bible in great detail, students will now have some training on how to communicate the Bible effectively and then either go out and preach, teach. lead Bible studies, or train others the principles they have learned on how to study of the Word of God. This will generally be done in a cross-cultural setting. Prerequisite:  CHR 213

Titus Project – Titus Project is a three-month program designed to equip School of Biblical Studies graduates to become teachers, and to send them to places in desperate need of Bible teaching. Our goal is to equip the church world-wide with tools for studying the Bible. We target places with limited access to Bible teaching. Our goal is that our program participants will become life-long Bible teachers and continue to equip the church wherever they go, whether back home, or into long-term missions.

The first three weeks are spent in training program participants with skills to help them become effective teachers. The next two months are spent on outreach in small teams focused on Bible teaching. The final week is spent in debriefing. During the three-week training phase, participants learn how to prepare, present and illustrate Bible teachings. Each participant will teach and be evaluated four times during their training and on outreach team-mates will evaluated each other for continued growth. We aim for each participant to teach between six and twelve hours each week. Many places in the world are hungry for Bible teaching and we desire to see School of Biblical Studies Graduates do their part to meet that need.  Prerequisite: CHR 213/315/316


Upcoming Dates and Locations

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All locations that offer this course

Course Location Credits
CHR 214 YWAM Rogaland
CHR 214 YWAM Ships Kona 12
CHR 214 JMEM Wiler
CHR 214 University of Nations - YWAM Kona 12
CHR 214 YWAM Muizenberg 12
CHR 214 YWAM Noépé 12
CHR 214 JOCUM Curitiba Sem Fronteiras 12
CHR 214 YWAM Savar Bible Training 12
CHR 214 YWAM San Diego/Baja
CHR 214 YWAM Sunny Coast 12
CHR 214 YWAM Worcester 12
CHR 214 JOCUM Sao Paulo 12
CHR 214 YWAM Ships Corpus Christi
CHR 214 YWAM Wyoming 1
CHR 214 YWAM Chiang Rai Base 12
CHR 214 YWAM Vancouver 12
CHR 214 UofN Battambang 12
CHR 214 YWAM Kyiv
CHR 214 YWAM Lausanne 12
CHR 214 YWAM Prayer House Pokhara 12
CHR 214 YWAM Goa 12
CHR 214 University of Nations - YWAM Kona 12
CHR 214 Dehradun Center - India 12
CHR 214 JOCUM Monte das Águias 12
CHR 214 YWAM Taipei 12
CHR 214 Youth With A Mission Penang 12
CHR 214 YWAM University of the Nations (Jeju Campus) 12
CHR 214 JUCUM Pichilemu 12
CHR 214 YWAM Dunham 12
CHR 214 YWAM Hope Land 12
CHR 214 YWAM Lakeside
CHR 214 YWAM Arusha 12
CHR 214 U of N Bali - Jimbaran 12
CHR 214 Palace Of Worship 12
CHR 214 YWAM Newcastle 12
CHR 214 YWAM Perth 12
CHR 214 Mysore SBS 12
CHR 214 Pokhara Centre 12
CHR 214 UofN Lonavala Campus, UofN Pune 12
CHR 214 JUCUM Montevideo 12
CHR 214 YWAM Lakeside