24 Jun 2024 - 13 Dec 2024

JUCUM Pichilemu

Offered in: Spanish

In this school, we will focus on each individual part of the Holy Trinity, as well as the teamwork of all three. First we will experience healing through the fatherheart of God. Then, we will seek revival through the Holy Sprit. And last, we will receive true transformation through the life of Jesus Christ. In this process we strive to see waves of healing, revival and transformation, going into all spheres of society. That is why we need synergy within these three waves (synergy means where the combined effect of two or three parties is greater than the separate effect of each individual) If we can combine the effects of the three waves (healing, revival and transformation) we will achieve a greater impact in the spheres of society. And we will be needing all three of these waves, keeping in mind that there's no revival if there was no healing first, and that revival will not last if there is no genuine transformation. we build on top of each individual wave, to create an even bigger wave that reaches even further and deeper in society. And how will we doe this? Our main strategy is counseling. To be counselors in these different spheres of society, so we can counsel to heal, counsel to revive and counsel to transform. We know that all seven spheres of society are in need of experiencing the fatherhood of God. To give an example, the sphere of education needs to experience God the father as a teaching father. As one who teaches with love and walks with us through each process. Children that learn the most are the ones that feel loved by their teachers. Nowadays there is this concept that the government in the main source of learning for our children. We want to inspire and instruct parents to take charge of their children’s learning and teach from the biblical values God has given us. This is one of the goals in the SoHRT. Students will have workshops in the afternoons related to topics like these and they will also have to create their own workshops that they could teach in schools and churches etc. The first four weeks of the school the students will receive a lot of ministration in the area of God’s fatherhood. This is what we like to call the wave healing. Receiving healing through God’s character as a perfect father. In there four weeks students will be working on something called “from fear to faith” in their weekly journal. This is based on the verse in Psalm 56:3 where it is written; “When I am afraid I will put my trust in you.” In this exercise the students will choose 3 fears they feel are present in their lives on a daily basis (or not daily but very often). They will then have to process these fears through a few simple questions. This activity will reappear later in the school again when we look at the section “I have a father, I have faith” where students again affirm their faith in our Heavenly Father. This section is also based upon the parable of the prodigal sons. We like to call this “the parable of the father and the three sons” because we look at the different roles of the younger and the older brother, comparing their behavior to that of the perfect brother, Jesus. Jesus is the only one that reflected the will of the Father flawlessly. The second set of 4 weeks will be called “wave of revival”. During these weeks our main theme will be “from unbelief to authority”. Based upon Luke 9:1 where it is written that Jesus gave authority to his disciples to cast out demons and heal diseases. The emphasis will be more on the Holy Spirit and on the gifts of the Spirit. The students will practice authority with a new activity in their weekly journal, replacing the activity from the first four weeks. In this activity they will choose an area of their lives where they feel they might have lost authority (or maybe never had authority). These areas can be for example the physical, emotional, spiritual, moral, mental, financial or relational. First they will need to identify which lies are keeping them from acting in authority, and then they will use a few steps to process the lie and start acting in authority again. The last set of four weeks of the theory phase is called “the wave of transformation”. here the students will swap the previous activity in the weekly journal with a new one; “from worldly conformation to heavenly transformation”. Based upon Romans 12:2 where it is written; Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Here is where we will put the emphasis on Jesus and his character as our brother. We will look at the transformation in history that came through Jesus and everything he has done. We want to look more like Him and be imitator of Christ in our society so we can be true agents of change for our surroundings. We want to go from orphanhood to adoption, living as children of God.

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