8 Jan 2025 - 13 Jun 2025

YWAM Amsterdam

Offered in: English

This DTS is a full time, live learn school focused on mobilizing young people into mission in context that may be foreign or familiar to them. It serves to gather and challenge people to listen to and obey God, while releasing them to serve through evangelism, training, worship, intercession and other expressions of God’s heart for the world. The program is run with the intention of helping people establish a biblical foundation and develop in character. Students are challenged to grow in their relationship with God in a personal and corporate context as they learn from experienced speakers who are living out the messages of their teachings, are exposed to different topics and introduced to various ways of cultivating their relationship with God and others, resulting in Christ-like character. The DTS Reframe document is a key document in helping to shape the school as well as to maintain alignment with the DTSs intended purpose and outcomes based on God's word to us as a mission. There is personal application of Biblical truth, while being equipped to live and relate to others similar to and also different from them, both in YWAM and outside of it.  It consists of a minimum of 11 weeks of lectures and minimum 8 week practical field assignment, in accordance with UofN DTS Guidelines.

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