22 Sep 2024 - 29 Mar 2025

JEM Châtel

Offered in: English

The course is designed to equip students to develop their own Biblical integrated counseling approach. It allows students to increase their understanding of counseling, healing and how to come alongside people in an effective way. It also helps students know how to bring change where specific difficulties block spiritual development. Particular emphasis is placed on identifying inappropriate beliefs and feelings that keep an individual from developing a healthy Christian identity. The programme emphasizes understanding sexual identity issues and dysfunctional lifestyles, with the goal of healing at root levels. In addition, new goals are set in areas of personal development, skill development, and cognitive development, including evaluation and integration of various counseling models. BEING EMPOWERED, TRANSFORMED AND EQUIPPED THROUGH GOD'S GRACE, STUDENTS WILL BE EQUIPPED TO BRING GOD'S RESTORATION TO PEOPLE AND COMMUNITIES.

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