22 Sep 2024 - 17 Dec 2024

Jeunesse En Mission Strasbourg

Offered in: French, English

This course equips you to joyfully, passionately, and correctly handle the Word of God. How? We will explore the one Story that ties all the books of the Bible together and read almost the whole Bible . You will be trained to study the Bible together and individually in a reliable and practical way: inductive Bible study. To accomplish this, you will study one or more books of each main biblical genre in depth: a historical book, prophet, letter, etc. Having completed the course, you can use and improve your developing inductive study skills the rest of your life. Moreover, you will practice Bible meditation and grow your ability to share the Word: lead a Bible study group or deliver solid biblical preaching. All the above is accomplished by learning together and with a personal tutor. In short, how will you walk away from Bible For Life, equipped to handle the Word with joy, passion and true spiritual insight and wisdom? 1. Study inductively to get at the true heart of and the life direction from God’s Word (this will be the main emphasis throughout the course) 2. Discover the Story of God 3. Meditate on the Bible to zoom in and chew a little longer on individual passages 4. Share the Word through small group Bible study or preaching, because sharing leads to deeper and richer learning and to the Word going out

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