25 Sep 2023 - 15 Dec 2023

JOCUM Almirante Tamandare

Offered in: Portuguese

This Course gives students a very good understanding of the Inductive approach to studying the Bible They learn how to think critically, and are equipped with tools for life The students read through the whole Bible Every type of Biblical genre is studied, with books from both the Old and New Testament. All types of teaching and learning styles are experienced. NT Timeline and OT Timelines are completed, bringing a great overview of the Bible. Students learn how to memorize and meditate on the Word. They are given opportunities to gain experience in facilitating a Bible study They enhance their skills in teaching and preaching the Word. They study Hebrew poetry through Psalms and Proverbs Plus they study the Historical background of each book. They learn how to bring the Word into every part of their life, including Worship, Intercession and Prayer.

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